Friday, October 18, 2013

Blood Addict: I Warned You This Would Happen

Not sure if you'll remember this, but a few weeks ago (when I started self-publishing my "Paranormal Erotic Shorts") I let you know that a number of these titles would be available in an upcoming anthology called Blood Addict.

Well, Blood Addict is no longer upcoming.  It has come.  It's here.  And it's got some seriously dark content... and some romance... and some extreme bondage... and... and... and...
Spanning the ages from medieval fairy tales to today's dark desires, there's a story to meet every sultry taste in this collection of paranormal romance, menage and BDSM stories.


A jealous God keeps wicked Eve in a cage while a mountain monk guards his chastity with similar restraints. Recovering vampires fall to temptation when they find a cutter who claims to hold the cure. A Gothic mesmerist meets his demons in a repressed patient's nightmares. Twelve men fall to an enchantress’ curse while a sea creature drags an Inuit woman beneath the ice. A husband keeps his thirst for blood secret to protect his wife, and an office romance blossoms between an employee and his succubus boss.

Eight paranormal erotic tales from award-winning author Giselle Renarde.

Warnings: This collection features graphic language and explicit sex between monk and maiden, hypnotist and succubus, virgins, vampires, monsters and men.

Contains: A Jealous God, Jungfrau, Blood Addict, The Mesmerist and the Mare, Princess of the Ravens, Beneath the Ice, Simple, and Neither Love Nor Money


Did she turn him around or did he do that himself? He couldn’t remember anymore. Somehow he ended up facing her. She tore off his tie with one hand while she found his cock with the other. How did she manage to zero in like that? Just wham! She had it in her fist, stroking hard through the fabric of his trousers.

Max knew Detta wouldn’t be gentle. He’d seen the violence in her, right from the start. She man-handled him, strong, tough, and she stood nearly his height in those fuck-me heels.

She only let go of his cock to bind his wrists behind him—and with his own tie, to boot. When she pressed him against the sideboard, he worried he might ruin one of the catalogue mock-ups, but if she didn’t care why should he? So he pressed his head against the glossy board while Bernadetta tore open his shirt.

Buttons went flying, sailing to the floor in slow motion. Each mother-of-pearl droplet settled like rain on the industrial carpet. He was so mesmerized by the subtle shimmer that he almost didn’t notice Detta ripping his belt from its loops. When she tossed it around her shoulders, it morphed into a black snake. Were his eyes playing tricks on him, or did his belt hiss while his boss opened his fly?

Max’s pants dropped to the floor with the weight of his wallet, his keys, and his merciless arousal.



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And if you'd rather purchase your tales individually, a variety of paranormal erotic shorts are available  from retailers like Barnes and Noble and All Romance ebooks!

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