Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween All Over the Map

I'd half-planned to spend the evening on Church Street, because Halloween's always a blast in Toronto's Gay Village, but it's raining and I'm feeling lazy, so here I am at home, writing this blog post.

But this isn't the only blog post I've written today. Oh no.  It's also my turn at Oh Get A Grip! where we're talking about Robertson Davies' High Spirits and whether fiction's more appealing if it's close to home or far, far away:

I'm also rehashing an old ghost story you might have heard (it's true--it happened to me) and giving you a chance to win my paranormal erotica anthology BLOOD ADDICT at Long and Short Reviews (remember to include your contact info!):

Want to know about this ebook you can win?  Here's the blurb and an excerpt from BLOOD ADDICT:

Spanning the ages from medieval fairy tales to today's dark desires, there's a story to meet every sultry taste in this collection of paranormal romance, menage and BDSM stories.


A jealous God keeps wicked Eve in a cage while a mountain monk guards his chastity with similar restraints. Recovering vampires fall to temptation when they find a cutter who claims to hold the cure. A Gothic mesmerist meets his demons in a repressed patient's nightmares. Twelve men fall to an enchantress’ curse while a sea creature drags an Inuit woman beneath the ice. A husband keeps his thirst for blood secret to protect his wife, and an office romance blossoms between an employee and his succubus boss.

Eight paranormal erotic tales from award-winning author Giselle Renarde.

Warnings: This collection features graphic language and explicit sex between monk and maiden, hypnotist and succubus, virgins, vampires, monsters and men.

Contains: A Jealous God, Jungfrau, Blood Addict, The Mesmerist and the Mare, Princess of the Ravens, Beneath the Ice, Simple, and Neither Love Nor Money


It was just like quitting smoking.

That’s what people didn’t seem to realize.  If you wanted to give up blood and you had a hell of a lot of willpower, you could do it.  It wasn’t easy.  Hell, it was probably the hardest thing Byron had ever done, but it was possible.

Vampire stories were so romanticized.  All that undead stuff, the melodrama of addiction, the eroticism, the homoeroticism wasn’t what life was like for Byron, even if he was gay.  Well, bi, actually.  His boyfriend Tyler was always on him about bi invisibility and how they shouldn’t let people think they were gay just because they were two guys who loved each other.  Byron didn’t care so much what people thought, but for Tyler’s sake he corrected their mistakes.  Sometimes.

Well, okay, maybe part of the reason he let people assume he was gay was that it helped in his profession.  If you’re styling a woman’s hair and she’s sitting there thinking you’re gay, she’ll open up to you like crazy.  It makes the job way easier.  Tell her you’re bi and suddenly she’s wondering why you mentioned it at all.  Are you hitting on her?  What’s the deal?

So often Byron let sleeping dogs lie. No skin off his ass.

And then along came Amy and everything changed.


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