Friday, November 8, 2013

Toronto's Truth May Be Stranger Than Fiction, but the Fiction's Pretty Good Too!

Being Canadian, I don't tend to watch a lot of American news, so I hadn't realized how pervasive word about Toronto's mayor has become in the international media... until I tuned into an episode of The Soup.  That's not even a real news show and, Holy Smokes, the amount of footage time devoted to our crack-smoking fuckwad of a mayor blew me away.

Canadians tend to have a humble sense of self-worth, so our ears always perk up when we hear our names mentioned, no matter the context. 

In case you haven't heard about the insanity of Toronto municipal politics, there have been rumours circulating for ages that a video exists featuring our mayor, Rob Ford, smoking crack. He said it ain't so, lashing out at journalists and anyone else who questioned his honesty.  Well, turns out the video exists. Police got their hands on it.  So now the mayor's like... oh yeah, well turns out I did smoke crack.  Musta been in one of my drunken stupors. (Yup.)

We can't oust this guy.  Oh my god, I wish we could. Rob Ford is toxic.

And it's not just crack-smoking and multiple instances of public drunkeness. And hanging out with notorious criminals and thugs.  And lying.  About everything.

My primary concern about this guy is that he's blatantly racist and homophobic.  Toronto is a proudly queer-friendly city, not to mention one of the most multicultural and diverse centres in the entire world.  I was baffled when he was elected, because it's not like he put on some sleek veneer while campaigning and only showed his true colours after coming into office.

During his campaign, Rob Ford stated that women get AIDS by sleeping with bisexual men and, also:

"Those Orientals work like dogs."

I can't even... I just... I'm at a loss. Honestly.

So, while this insanity at City Hall is ongoing, why don't I tell you a bit about a Toronto-based novel I wrote years before the crack-smoking mayor came into office?

ANONYMOUS is a book about a woman who hires a male prostitute to satisfy a long-standing fantasy she and her husband share.  (He's one of those bisexual men giving women AIDS, apparently, according to our mayor.)

After a night of wild hotel sex, Hannah finds herself obsessing over the anonymous stranger.  She doesn't know who he is.  All she knows is the address of the company where she hired her man.

So, every lunch hour, Hannah races from her workplace, following this route to the building on Church Street (Toronto's Gay Village) on the off chance that she catches up with the sexy stranger:

Don't you love how I had to Google "how to screenshot" to figure out how to do this?

If you're looking for Toronto fiction with a heavy helping of smouldering sex, grab a copy of ANONYMOUS by Giselle Renarde (the girl who can never remember how to take a screenshot) in print or as an ebook.  It's published by Amber Heat:

And if you've written or read a great book set in Toronto, I want to hear about it!  I recently bought Lauren B. Davis' "The Stubborn Season" which is set in depression-era Toronto, but I haven't started it yet.

Any recommendations?

Giselle from Toronto

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