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Now In Print: Nanny State

Nanny State: NOW IN PRINT

Authored by Giselle Renarde
List Price: $7.99
5.25" x 8" (13.335 x 20.32 cm)
Black & White on White paper
138 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1494269753
ISBN-10: 1494269759
BISAC: Fiction / Lesbian

Summer is certain her landlady’s as prim as they come until ‘Nanny Victoria’ invites her into the master suite for a warm bedtime snack. The unlikely pair begins a journey of fetish exploration together, but when Summer brings a friend into this world of kink, will Nanny punish the girls or welcome another charge?

This title contains graphic descriptions of lesbian sex, age play, spankings, discipline, domination, and other fetish activities that may be considered objectionable to some readers. 

Praise for Nanny State:

NANNY STATE was just so incredibly nasty. 

-Lisabet Sarai, author of RAW SILK



The lights were off when I got back to the house—very unusual, because my strict landlady Victoria was pretty much always around. She’d converted the extra bedroom into an office years before I came out here for my final two years of university, and that’s where she worked as some sort of typist. I never asked for details about what she did for a living. I didn’t really care.

I know that sounds mean, but Victoria was hard to sympathize with. At times, she was unbearably controlling. She demanded I come home promptly after class, and I always resented the way she’d stand in the living room with one eye on her watch, asking, “What time do you call this, Summer?”

Victoria was an old friend of my mom’s, but the longer I stayed with her the more she acted like she owned me, like I was a little kid in need of protection. Who did she think she was, bossing me around in that passive-aggressive way of hers?

“Victoria? Are you up here?” I climbed the stairs, turning on every light as I went.

As much as I complained about Victoria breathing down my neck every hour of the day, I hated being alone in the house. It gave me the creeps. If I could afford it, I’d get a nice little apartment of my own, but that would mean finding a job. After getting fired from my last two restaurant gigs I couldn’t get a reference to save my life.

Anyway, until I finished university it was better to focus my time on writing papers and studying for exams. That’s a big part of the reason I transferred schools and came out here to live. Back home I got way too distracted by hot friends and good times.

In fact, the thing I missed most about my freedom was all the meaningless sex. Under Victoria’s roof, I couldn’t get away with shit. School and home, bedroom door open at all times. She even had the parental block set on the TV so I couldn’t watch anything with “mature themes.”

My poor pussy was craving attention, and the most I could give it was a little stroke in the shower. Even then, Victoria timed me as if I was wasting water. After five minutes, she’d be knocking on the door, hollering, “What are you doing in there?”

I stood at the top of the stairs, gazing into open, empty rooms. “Victoria?”

No response.

That settled it—she wasn’t home! No way I was going to miss this opportunity to do something naughty. Racing into my bedroom, I shut the door and pulled my laptop out of my bag.

My heart thundered in my ears while a thick heat pulsed low in my belly, spreading all the way down my thighs. I couldn’t wait.

“Gimme the good stuff,” I said as I clicked on my favourite porn site. It had a feature where you could search out what you liked best.

I typed in 'lesbian orgasms.'

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