Saturday, December 7, 2013

Speaking of Censorship, it's Adam and Sheree's Family Christmas!

I can count on one hand the number of retailers that'll actually carry my Adam and Sheree books.  These brother/sister erotic novellas are too hot for Amazon, All Romance Ebooks, BookStrand, Kobo... the list goes on.

Pretty much every ebook seller is opposed to fictional adult characters having fictional adult sex with members of their fictional adult families. In fiction.

But if you like taboo erotica, they're worth tracking down.  Adam and Sheree's Family Vacation has been a hot seller since its release this summer.  Adam and Sheree's Family Business hasn't had quite the same impact, but third time's a charm: Adam and Sheree's Family Christmas is available now and it's the nastiest, horniest, most unrepentantly incestuous book of the lot.

Spend the holidays with the filthiest Adam and Sheree story ever written!

When Adam and Sheree head home for the holidays, it goes without saying that this brother and sister pair won’t be telling their parents they’ve been at it like bunnies. 

As if it wasn’t hard enough to keep his hands off Sheree for an entire week, Adam stumbles upon his sister’s old diary.  He knows it’s private, but he can’t resist fingering the pages. The contents shock Adam right to the core.  Could Sheree really have seduced their uncle while he and their aunt were on the outs? 

Adam can’t help feeling betrayed.  He thought he was his sister’s first target of incestuous love, but apparently their uncle got there first.  And Uncle Brian’s not the only family member who’s been in his sister’s bed…

WARNING: This book is packed with peep shows, naughty diary entries, insatiable appetites, family threesomes, and taboo encounters between consenting adults.

Word Count: 35,000


Adam’s eyes rolled back in his head.  He pressed his legs to the back bumper while she teased his prick.  “I don’t want to get caught.”

“And you think I do?”  She worked his dick a little faster.  “God, your cock is hard.”

“Your fist is… tight.”

She clamped down, rubbing his erection inside his pants.  Over the pounding in his ears, he could just make out the sounds of shuffling jeans and skin on skin.  Sheree drove out the cold with her hot tits and her warm breath.  Even her fingers didn’t feel so cool anymore.

“You gonna come for me?” she asked.

“In my pants?” Adam squeaked. Wouldn’t be the first time, but filling his underwear with cum was never his first choice.

Suddenly another hand found his balls, and it was so damn cold he shrieked.

“Shut up, dingus!”  Sheree smacked him in the nuts with her freezing fingers.  “You want Mom and Dad to come looking for us?”

“No,” he said.  He stomach twisted at the thought.  “No, just… cold!”

“So come, then.”  Her hand weaseled its way up his throbbing shaft, teasing his tip, making him shake.  “Come in my hand.”

“Yes,” he said in a whisper.  He couldn’t manage much more than that.

She pushed her tits against his back, begging with her body.  He could picture it now: whipping his sister around, bending her into the open trunk, and pushing her down until her boobs met the duffle bag he’d packed.  He wouldn’t be able to wait.  His fingers wouldn’t bother fiddling with her belt, her buttons, her zipper.  He’d tear open the seam of her pants, whip out his cock, and shove it in her wet snatch.

“Holy fuck!”  Adam groaned as the image of entering his sister from behind put him over the top.

He could practically feel the familiar hug of her pussy as her hand closed around his dick.  Her cold palm swaddled his tip as it spewed hot cream.  She shrieked, like it hurt, and maybe it did.  Maybe her skin was cold enough that his heat felt blazing.

“Oh god.”  Leaning into his duffel bag, Adam struggled to hold himself upright.  “Did that really just happen?”

“You tell me.”  Sheree pulled her hand from his pants and showed him the pool of cum resting in her palm.  It was so hot there was actually steam rising from it.

Adam’s groin ached in a strange way.  Though Sheree had relieved his temporary tension, she’d also opened a door that should have remained closed.  Now he wanted more.  So much more.

Where can you buy this hard-to-find book?

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