Saturday, January 18, 2014

Two Things About Friday Night Lipstick: Review Copies and Print Available!

Well, here's something new about my transgender lesbian erotic romance novella, Friday Night Lipstick:

It's now available in print!

Yup, it's only a 15,000-word love story but I thought... what the hell?  Why not make it available as a paperback for those who prefer reading print? (I must admit, I am one of those people--I STILL don't read ebooks, if you can believe it!)

Print Cover--Back
When Friday Night Lipstick was rereleased this summer, I was amazed at how well it sold. Two reasons.

1) This was the second edition, and the first edition had only sold, like, three copies? I don't know. Something like that.

2) The stars of the show are older adults. Trans women don't often get their own love stories, but when they do it's rare indeed for them to be in the 50+ age group.

Get it in print from CreateSpace:

If you haven't read Friday Night Lipstick and you'd like to, I'm now giving away review copies of the ebook!

What's that mean?  It means I'll happily send you a FREE copy of Friday Night Lipstick, and in exchange you provide an honest review of the novella at Amazon. You can also post your review at Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, your blog, and wherever else, but my primary focus is Amazon.

Remember to include in your review that you were provided a copy of Friday Night Lipstick from the author in exchange for your honest opinions.

Here's how to get your review copy. Fill out this form:

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If that for doesn't show up for you, for whatever reason, here a web link to it:

Thanks everyone!

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