Saturday, February 15, 2014

#MySexySaturday Get Your Free Review Copy of KINKSTERS This Weekend Only

Did you hear?  Did you HEAR?  Kinksters: 12 Stories of Wild Group Sex, Bisexual Fun and Kinky Pleasures is back on the market.  In fact, it was just released yesterday!

This week's My Sexy Saturday theme couldn't come at a better time, because Kinksters is all about characters who are proud of their fetishes, proud of their kinks, and proud of their sexual bodies.

If you're a fan of kinky bisexual erotica and you're interested in receiving a FREE e-copy of this 50,000+ word anthology in exchange for an honest review of the book on Amazon, keep reading!

First, a sample of 7 sentences from one of the MMF menage stories, The OTHER Other Woman (a story about a girl who just assumes her married lover's ex was a woman. Nope...):
“Don’t be too hard on Garret," Michael said.  "He’s one of the gentlest, loveliest men I’ve ever known.”

As Edith pondered the guy’s blond curls and boyish good looks, an image took her from behind: an image of his cherubic pink lips against Garret’s, of his manicured hands unbuttoning Garret’s pressed white shirt.

Edith gasped.  You’re the other other woman!”

“Something like that,” he replied, with a forlorn grin.  “You’re disappointed...?”

Kinksters contains the following 12 stories:

1. Knowing the Ropes
2. Five Body Blade
3. Elementary, My Dear Kathryn
4. Honey Trap
5. In the Eye
6. Waxing is for Pussies
7. The Other Other Woman
8. Tisha and Narine’s Afterhours Fetish Party
9. Wonderful Wing Boys
10. Debbie Does Dalhousie
11. Rainbow Night
12. Lesbukake

Now, remember how I said you could get a FREE copy of Kinksters in exchange for an honest Amazon review once you've read it?  Yup!  Let's do this thang!

This weekend only, you can comment on THIS POST with your email address and the type of file you'd prefer (pdf, mobi, epub) and I will send you a copy on Monday.

Kinky couples are great, but nothing beats a big group of kinksters!

In this anthology by kinky queer Canadian Giselle Renarde, a Domme and sub share their anal fetish with an old friend while a sword collector pays five young men to fulfill her sex swing fantasy. Geeky grad students chase tornadoes and tail while an unapologetic cougar gets licked by three college girls. There’s an all-girl waxing session, a vintage clothing enthusiast who’s shocked to discover her lover’s “other woman” is actually a man, and a bureaucrat whose male escorts happen to be angels. All this and so much more is waiting for you in KINKSTERS.

Ready... set... KINK!

And if you want this baby in paperback, it's now available from Amazon:

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  1. How can anyone be disappointed discovering the "other woman" is a sexy man?

  2. The only way is, if he's NOT interested in you because you're a chick. Bummer.