Sunday, June 15, 2014

Come listen to my story 'bout a book called "Slave Girls"

Now you'll have the Beverly Hillbillies theme song stuck in your head all day. (haha...)

I'm here today to talk to you about a unique investment opportunity.  Nah, just kidding.  Sorry, I'm drunk on balsamic vinaigrette.  I'm actually here to tell you about a new Cleis Press anthology called Slave Girls. It's edited by D.L. King and it includes my BDSM threesome story, Postcards from Paris.

The idea for this story came to me many years ago, when the Art Gallery of Ontario exhibited turn-of-the-century postcards (wait for it...) from Paris!  Here's the thing about turn-of-the-century postcards from Paris: they're kinda naughty. Naked ladies! Lusty nymphs! Ooh la la!

And pubic hair.  Those women boasted tremendous bushes.  In fact, that's a big part of what made these photographs so DIRTY.  Old Masters paintings whitewashed a woman's mound.  A nude's hairlessness made her more art than life.  Those big bushes on French postcards? They were dirty, raunchy, naughty, bad in the most titillating way possible.

Anyway, I attended this exhibit years ago... many years... before I started writing, even.  What re-ignited the idea?  Well, I think it was Clara Callan, the novel by Richard B. Wright.  There's a scene in that book where Clara's man-friend introduces her to the idea of a threesome via... you guessed it... a French postcard.

My story happens to involve a threesome, too.  And pubic hair.  Lots of pubic hair.  Last year, my girlfriend (who refuses the title of Domme, but who can behave in a wonderfully dominating manner nonetheless) instructed me to grow out my pubic hair.  I was not allowed to trim it without her consent (which I did obtain, many months later, when my underwear could no longer contain my tremendous bush).


Well, anyway, now that you've got all that background information you'll have to get yourself a copy of Slave Girls and read my story.

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  1. A wonderful tale of inspiration. Fascinating historical detail about the postcards ... and the pubic hair. I love hearing about what inspires an author. I, too, had a particular inspiration for my story in this anthology and it was so perfect, so immediate, I knew I had to write the story to honor the inspiration!