Wednesday, December 17, 2014

"Anonymous" sex, anybody? 50% off Dec 17-19th 2014!

Once upon a time, an author called Giselle wrote a novel called Anonymous... and they all lived happily ever after. The End.

That was a pretty crappy story because it didn't include YOU. The reader comes in somewhere between the beginning and the end, by picking up a copy. Anonymous is kind of a big ticket item (regular price on the ebook is $7), so those of us who like saving money will be happy to hear it's on sale today, tomorrow and Friday at 50% off.

Anonymous was the first book I wrote that I considered a full-length novel. I'd already written Ondine, but Ondine clocked in under 50,000 word, and at the time I felt like 50k was the magic "novel" number. I'm not so picky about word counts anymore. I know a novel when I see one.

Anonymous is about a man joyfully delving into his bisexuality with the eager help of his wife. Together, they hire an anonymous male prostitute so Nathaniel can experience hot man-on-man sex while Hannah watches. Before they meet up with Mr. Anonymous, they go out for a celebratory dinner where Nathaniel lays eyes on the handsomest, coolest waiter in the history of handsome, cool waiters. They go through with the anonymous sex night, but Nathaniel's hooked on the waiter guy and Hannah develops a secret obsession with finding out who Mr. Anonymous really is.

So it's a stalker novel, really. But not in a scary way.

Also, if you know Toronto you're going to recognize a landmark or two.

Anonymous is 50% off until December 19th 2014, so if I were you I would grab the ebook right away.


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