Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I figured out how to do something cool AND it'll save readers money!

Many of you have been purchasing my books in print lately (especially the lesbian fiction), and I LOVE that about you! AND I've got good news:
My lesbian novel The Other Side of Ruth comes out with eXcessica on Friday, but the paperback is already available for purchase.

Exciting? Yes!

More exciting: I just found out how to generate coupons at CreateSpace!

If you purchase directly from
you can use Coupon Code AN5EWZTX
for $5.00 off the purchase price!

If you want the ebook, it's just two more sleeps. If you're going to buy the paperback anyway, get it at CreateSpace and save five dollars!

Oh, and I just finished writing a blog post about Ruth for Oh Get A Grip, but it doesn't go live until 10/15/15 at 1 in the morning. So if you're reading this after that, get the inside scoop:

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