Wednesday, June 26, 2019

#BDSM #Erotica, Collaring, a Towel Whip and a Public #Sex Reunion

I've got a few new erotica ebooks to tell you about. We've got collaring, we've got a towel whip, we've got reunion sex. Collect all three!

Not Funny
Playful BDSM Erotica

Bonnie's always suspected she could use a good dose of pain. Her sex life with Darren is satisfying, but very routine. She's tried to sell her husband on spanking, but he thinks the idea of adults smacking one another is a little weird. One morning, after a sexy shower, Darren surprises Bonnie by flicking her beautiful behind with his towel. She can't believe the burn. By mid-day her butt is streaked with whip wounds and she can't sit still. She places a call. Darren's only marked one cheek so far... would he mind rushing home to take care of the other?

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Back Row Reunion
Second Chance Sex

Mai Ly and Mike were so close in high school, but that was, what, more than ten years ago? Seems like only yesterday they got a little wild on a field trip to the planetarium. Now Mai Ly is a TV icon while Mike works as a lowly usher at a fringe theatre. When the house lights fade, Mike can't believe how eager his old friend is to revisit the past. But if Mai Ly liked Mike so much back in the day, and if she still likes him now, what's keeping these two apart?

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Diamonds and Gold
Adulterous BDSM Erotica

Jai Li isn't your typical millionaire businesswoman… or your typical submissive, for that matter. She's been married to her husband and Master for nearly 25 years, and she's spent 4 of those years cheating on him with a man in another city. It’s easy enough to claim she's traveling for business. But has Jai Li, the adulterous submissive, really pulled the wool over Master's eyes? Or will a permanently-affixed diamond and gold collar show her otherwise?

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More to come!

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Thank you for being a reader. #readers #writers #gratitude

I saw a tweet the other day that really pissed me off.

I won't say who it came from or even what line of work they're in, but the tweet was a real screw-you to all their followers. It said something along the lines of: you think you're so supportive because you follow me and retweet me, but if you're not buying my products then you're not helping me at all because retweets don't pay the rent.

When I saw that, I was seriously taken aback. I haven't stopped thinking about it, and it makes me want to communicate, now more than ever, that I don't feel that way about my followers on twitter or on my blog here or anywhere else. Quite the opposite. I appreciate the time you take to read my words, whether they're in blog form, tweet form, or book form.

I appreciate your time.

If you read something I've written here at Donuts and Desires or on twitter and you take a moment to share it with others, I appreciate that action tremendously.

In fact, it's about more than just your time. It's about much, much more.

The other day I was thinking about book reviews. I don't read reviews of my work, but I appreciate beyond words that readers take the time to share their thoughts with the entire internet.

Sharing your opinions with the world isn't always easy, especially when you consider the nature of what I'm writing: erotica and queer fiction. If you write a book review about my work, you're sharing a lot about yourself.

Some readers are not in a position where they're able to be "out" as kinky or queer or whatever the case may be. They don't feel they can tell the world this is what they're reading. If you fall into that category, I want you to know it's okay. I don't wish for you to put your security in jeopardy to boost me up. Just know in your heart how much I appreciate that you're reading my words.

And if you are in a position to share your views on my work with the world, I appreciate that too. I appreciate it tremendously. And I appreciate it even if you didn't buy the book you're reviewing--if you checked it out of your local library or you got it for free during some kind of promotion or you found a tattered copy in a bus station bathroom.

Yes, I write for a living. Yes I need to put food on the table with my words. And pay the rent. And cover utilities. I couldn't do any of those things without readers. But does that mean I begrudge the people who "only" subscribe to my newsletter, who "only" retweet me once in a while, who "only" read the free stories on my blog? No! Not in the least.
Let's be real: this is the world of erotica. Most of the people who buy a title like "Forbidden Family Erotica" won't remember my name once they've read my smut. And you know what? I'm okay with that.

Not every reader needs to be a fan, and not every fan needs to be a reader. Most of my twitter followers have probably never read my work, and they probably never will. But every so often someone retweets a book trailer I've made, and that gets seen by a few people who've never heard of me, and they get interested in my work and a fan inspires a reader without even knowing it.

It's so shitty for anyone to tell their followers "if you're not purchasing my product, you mean nothing to me." I can't get over it. It's got me so riled up.

Hey, YOU. Yes, you! If you're reading this right now, you mean something to me. I've written these words. You've read these words. No money has changed hands, but we've got a connection. And that means something.

At least, to me it does.
And if you want to support me financially, Patreon is as good a place as any!

Friday, June 14, 2019

Dressing Up: Fun in Women's Clothing #Erotica #Audiobook

Dressing Up
Fun in Women's Clothing
Audiobook Written and Read by Giselle Renarde

Panties! Dresses! Heels! Wigs!

Wearing women’s clothing sure can be fun. Just ask the men in these three stories: Night Nurse, Yours for Life, and Max Alone in See-Through Panties. Whether he’s on his own or under the command of a good woman, these guys cut a good figure in makeup, uniforms, and even collars and leashes.

Let Giselle tell you a bedtime story (or three) and hot dreams are sure to follow!

Find Dressing Up at...
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...and many other retailers, subscription and library services!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Who Reads Short Shorts? #erotica #ebooks

Okay, so they're not actually SHORT shorts. As far as shorts go, they're a pretty standard length. But nobody ever wrote a song that goes "Who wears pretty standard length shorts?"

Anyway, what I'm trying to tell you is that I've been publishing a lot of my old anthology contributions as erotic ebooks. Just little standalone stories. Just a little treat for the mental taste buds at a low, low price. The ones I'm going to tell you about today are all priced at $0.99, I'm pretty sure.

Here are just a few of my erotic stories newly available as ebooks. Hope something strikes your fancy!

Yours for Life
Feminization Erotica
ISBN 9780463506127

Brian thinks he’s old. The little man no longer stands at attention, and he refuses the blue pills Marina encourages him to take. Middle age is a time for chaste companionship, he says. Well, Marina won’t take his lack of enthusiasm lying down. She’s full of lust and she’ll try any trick in the book to arouse his interest, especially if it means putting her husband in a dress and making him hers… for life!

This story includes puppy play, feminization, senior sex, collaring, married sex, a bisexual wife, and femdomination of a sissy husband!

Buy your copy from any number of online retailers, including Smashwords:

The Psychic Harem
Lesbian Group Sex Erotica
ISBN 9780463282519

Dianne's given enough to her greedy long-term girlfriend. When Jane leaves her for a grad student, Dianne decides to be the greedy one for once. She visits The Psychic Harem, a group of women who have been bred for the selected trait of sexual generosity. All she has to do is lie back and enjoy while they fulfill every need and desire Dianne never knew she had. 

This one is lesbian sci-fi group sex set in the not-too-distant future (next Sunday A.D.)?

Buy it from Smashwords:

Mourner for Hire
Terrifying Ghost Sex Erotica
ISBN 9780463357125

When out-of-work actress Dahlia is offered an easy gig at the cemetery, she scoops it up. All she has to do is visit grave sites on behalf of her clients, who have better things to do than pay respects to the dearly departed. Dahlia talks to the spirits. That's not part of the job, it just helps to pass the time. Bobby is her favourite--until he talks back! And when this supremely solid spirit follows Dahlia home, she finds him impossible to resist.  

This one goes out to all you dubcon/dark romance/dark erotica fans! You know how it goes: ghost soldier follows woman home from the cemetery, wants a taste of that supernatural spirit sex, yadda-yadda-yadda, to be honest I forget how it ends. Read it and find out.

Also available from Smashwords:

More to come! I'll keep you posted.
And if you haven't checked out my Friendly Music Visitor site, it's updated every damn day, so get your ass over there:
Thanks! Love you!

Monday, May 27, 2019

Are you lonely? Do you like music? Then, do I have a treat for you!

I won't lie to you: it's been a while since I've felt enthused about work. I'm having a midlife crisis, and everything is in flux. But I'm still here! I'm still scrawling away in the background, producing BRAND NEW EROTIC FICTION for you to enjoy at a later date.

But why am I even talking about writing? That's not what I'm here to tell you about. I'm here to tell you about a BRAND NEW PROJECT I've dreamed up that'll hopefully help those of us who are socially isolated feel not so alone.

Yes, you heard that right: I'm socially isolated. I don't think it was even a gradual thing, for me. I think that, once I started writing full-time, my world instantly grew smaller. In the beginning, I'd take on part-time jobs because I needed the money.  I never realized how helpful it was for my mental health to interact with people out there in the world.

This summer, as I was dealing with the death of a family member who was also isolated and depressed, I realized I needed to change my life. I started doing volunteer work again, and that has helped tremendously (I highly recommend it!), but it wasn't a cure-all. My career as a writer is still very solitary, and I have trouble making friends and all that.

Months ago, I started thinking about how all the resources I've ever heard of that helped people who were socially isolated were for seniors. But the truth is that a lot of younger people feel isolated, too, these days. I wanted to create something online that would help us feel some connection, give us something to look forward to every day, but I didn't know what I could possibly do on a daily basis that wouldn't leave me disastrously overwhelmed.

Well, this week it hit me! I knew I wanted to do some kind of "friendly visitor" thing, but the other day I realized that I'm often posting whatever song is stuck in my head to Twitter.  I LOVE music. Like, music is magic. Music saves me. So I thought... that's what I can do: create a home for us to gather in day by day, where we come together around a song!

Whether you feel socially isolated or you just love music, I hope you'll read about my new project, which I guess is called A FRIENDLY MUSICAL VISIT EVERY DAY and is located at

I wrote up a whole thing last night, to introduce you to my new project and hopefully get you interested in returning each and ever day. You can read it right here:

Wish me luck with this!  There's nothing worse than starting something new only to find that no one cares. But, of course, that's not going to happen here! This is a great idea, and lots of people are going to love it! (I need to keep telling myself these things...)

Tell your friends!

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Based on a Former Life: #Writing #AgeGap #DaddyFetish #Erotica

I don't tend to keep on top of things.

That's especially true when it comes to the daily drama of the romance world.

But I happened to notice everybody freaking out about a chart-topper on Amazon. Apparently this book featured father/daughter incest and underage sex. It's since been removed from sale because both of those things go against Amazon's terms of service. This book's also been banned by Smashwords, and Smashwords will sell you books about getting fucked by your mom, a bull, and the family dog. It takes some effort to get your book bounced from their system.

Bottom line is you can't publish books featuring sex with minors. Ever. Anywhere. This is what we've all agreed to as authors.

So that whole thing happened.

But it didn't stop there.

Because after that incident, I started seeing authors hating on other books... books wherein the main characters were not related or underage.  Books about legal adults engaged in consensual sex.

Hoo boy.  Here we go.

Remember 10+ years ago, when authors supported each other?  Helped each other?  I do.  I was blown away by the kindness and generosity other writers showed me when I was started out in this business.

Now what do we get?  Authors tearing each other down.  Authors scratching each other's eyes out.  Petty jealousies that turn into witch hunts.  That's what I've been seeing lately.

After the rapey child molester book was taken off the market, I saw authors calling for other books to be taken down too--pretty much any book featuring an older man and younger woman. Consenting adults with an age gap.  Everything must go.

Look, I'm kind of glad nobody in that romance world really knows or cares I exist (or they've hated me for so long that it's not even fun anymore), because I've written a ridiculous amount of age gap fiction and I'm not going to stop because a bunch of angry authors think it's "disgusting." 

Why do I so often write about older men and younger women?  Because I lived it.  You know this about me. You know I was involved with one of my high school teachers, a much older man, a very married man.  I've told this story so many times you're bored just thinking about it. So am I.

Through fiction writing, I'm able to process my experiences as a teen and young adult.  I'm able to think about that time in my life from every angle.  I'm sure that, in reading my fiction, readers who've shared similar experiences are able to process their shit too. I recently heard someone say there's no "junk food" when it comes to media consumption. Even if you think of some stupid TV show you watch as a guilty pleasure, it changes you.  Everything we consume (books, movies, TV, music) works inside our brains in ways we're not even aware of.

Okay, so one thing that attracted me to the older man I was involved with was that... this might sound a little strange... but he was just so sad.  Like, really really sad. Existential ennui, depression, suicidal thoughts. I was so drawn to that.  I just wanted to make him happy.  I wanted to use my body to make him happy.

I was drawn to other qualities, too.  He seemed so knowledgeable and wise. Nobody in my family had gone past high school, and he had a MASTER'S degree. Like, wow, so educated! *swoon* Smart and sad. Shut up and take my virginity!

Did I think our relationship was fucked up while it was happening? Of course not!  I'd have gone to the ends of the earth to defend the choices we made.  Looking back, do I think it was fucked up?  Hell yes. But does that mean I regret my life choices? No, not at all. And does that mean I shouldn't fictionalize my personal experiences? No. It's my life. I'm gonna use it in my books.

"Fine, write your life--but depressing litfic only. It shouldn't be presented in a positive light."

Haha. That was the hottest sex of my life. You think I'm not going to present it that way? My libido's waning by the minute and I very often wish there was some way to recapture those delicious years.  I can't recapture them in life.  I can in fiction.

Pretty much everything I write is massively fucked up.  I'd be bored if it wasn't.  If a bunch of other authors hate me because I write taboo erotica or student/teacher sex or adultery or age play, let them hate. I stopped caring a long time ago.

Except I guess I do still get riled up, or why would I be writing these words?

And why would I have decided to post my new adult novella CHERRY for free at Wattpad?

CHERRY is one super-smutty book.

It's about an 18-year-old girl who falls for her father's best friend on vacation. It's pretty much exactly the kind of book a lot of authors seem to want to burn these days. What I keep thinking is: if a book doesn't appeal to you, DON'T READ IT.  It's obviously not for you. It's probably for the person who's been through this--who's going through it now or who went through it when they were younger.  Or maybe it's just for the reader who wants to peep some hot sex between an older man and a young woman. Why so much judgement? Sheesh.

Anyway, today I posted the first chapter from CHERRY at Wattpad so people can read it for free. I'm going to post a new chapter every day until I'm out of chapters. More info here.

People who find this kind of book offensive can skip it. Or hate-read it. I really don't care.  I'm making CHERRY available FOR FREE for the people who want to read it--to process their experiences... or just to get off.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Congratulations! You've Discovered the Mother's Day Depression Post!

The more I write about grief and depression, the more followers I lose. So why do I do it? Why do something that seems, on the surface, pretty bad for my writing career? Because I'm finally realizing there's truth to that old saying I never used to believe: if your work helps just one person, it's worth doing. Even if fair-weather fans bail, I'm here for YOU, you dear, darling ONE person who needs this post.

Yes, it might be a bummer! Read it if you want, don't if you don't. I'm not forcing anyone. Do what's right for you.

I want to talk about Mother's Day, because it's tomorrow, and it's on my mind.

As you probably know, my grandmother died six months ago. My cousin died just a couple months before her. I think that's all the background you need.

This'll be the first Mother's Day since my grandma's death, and it's hitting me hard. Not just my grandmother's absence (and I do miss her hugely), but the feeling that my family is disintegrating without her. She was the glue. She was the matriarch. Without her, how do we hold together?

For the past ten or twenty years, the whole family's been assembling at my grandmother's house on Mother's Day. It was never a planned event, like Christmas and Grandma's birthday, which were the other two occasions on which you could be sure to see all the aunts, uncles, cousins, babies. Everybody just sort of showed up at Grandma's house because she was the mother of the family. Where else would we spend Mother's Day?

My grandmother never wanted a "final resting place." She didn't believe in that sort of thing. So she doesn't have one. I really wish she did, because I want to visit her, especially on a day like Mother's Day. Although, that's the whole reason she didn't want a gravesite: she wouldn't be there, so why would we waste our time going there to see her?

Why? Because there's nowhere else to go...

I watched this TV show called Seatbelt Psychic, where a ride share driver who is also a medium does readings while he's driving people places. One thing he said was that our dead loved ones are always around us. It really upset me to hear that, because all I could think was: if they're around me, why can't I feel them?

I can never feel them. All I feel is alone.

Perhaps I shouldn't feel alone. I do have family. I have my mother and my siblings. That's who I'll be spending Mother's Day with. And I do feel fortunate, especially as a queer person, to have a solid relationship with my family. I know I'm lucky to have more siblings than a lot of people do, these days. A big family is nice. That's why I want to spend special occasions with my many, many aunts and uncles and cousins and their children.

After the death of my cousin this summer, I found out that he looked forward to our family gatherings as much as I did. They were a high point on his calendar. You make so many assumptions about other people's lives, you know? You assume they've got all this cool stuff going on. I'm sure people think that about me, too, that I've got this cool queer life doing cool queer stuff. The truth is that I look forward to returning library materials. I look forward to chatting with friendly cashiers. I don't have much going on, and depression steals your will to seek out new things to do.

My cousin was depressed. That's something else I didn't know about him. I didn't know that until after he died.

Sweet asked why I don't organize a big family event for Mother's Day, if I want one so badly. It's a nice idea, but it would have required more energy than I currently have available. Took me two weeks just to pin down my siblings. Maybe next year I'll be more emotionally stable. Maybe then I'll be able to take initiative. Then again, part of me just wants to be a kid (a 40-year-old kid...) who shows up at the party and doesn't have to do any of the organizing.

I love my family. I don't want us to fall apart. But, my mental health being what it is, I don't know how to keep us together.