Saturday, July 25, 2015

#MySexySaturday Wet Weekend in Our Sexy Place

A weird thing happens when I sit down to write dirty, dirty fetish erotica: it becomes really... REAL. Emotional honesty always seems to break through the kink.

That's one reason I want everybody to snap up a copy of my new release, Wet Weekend. We're talking about a set of six sequential stories about a lesbian couple discovering their shared love of all things pee.

WAIT! Come back!

I know not everybody's over the moon about golden showers, but this collection is so... so... what's the word? Different?

I don't think I can sum up how I feel about Wet Weekend in just one word. I lovingly refer to it as my lesbian pee book, but it's about so much more than what the women DO to each other. It's about who they ARE to each other. That's what makes it special.

This week's My Sexy Saturday topic is Our Sexy Place, so it's apt that I'm featuring a book which takes place during a weekend getaway. The following 7 sentences are pulled from Talia and Cassie's drive up to the resort hotel. Cassie has to pee, and she has to pee BAD:

Nobody around, thank goodness.

I swung open the passenger door as soon as Talia came to a halt. Leaving my panties on the car mat, I raced through the tickly long grasses in my sandals. My summer skirt fluttered against my thighs as I ran to the trees.

Just like Talia said, there were strong, tall shade trees surrounding the farmland, blocking it from the highway. I had to whizz so badly I wouldn’t have cared if I was forced to pee in the middle of a field.

Pulling my skirt up and hugging it to my chest, I parted my feet and squatted. I got down so low the grasses brushed my pussy and my thighs.

Then a weird thing happened: I couldn’t go. I’d been holding it so hard, telling myself not to, that when I finally gave myself permission, nothing came out.

“Better?” Talia asked.

“Oh God!” I jumped when I looked up and saw her. She was standing not three meters away, keys in hand, watching me.

Since Wet Weekend is so special to me, I want everybody to buy a copy. It's on sale today for $0.99 so everyone with 99 pennies to spare can afford it. I strongly encourage you to pick up a copy. It's available from lots of retailers.

Like these ones:


Friday, July 24, 2015

A Strong Month for Transgender Fiction

June was an incredible month for print sales. You people must love paperbacks as much as I do! (I never could get the hang of ebooks--feels too much like work.)

I'm most excited to tell you that the vast majority of Giselle Renarde book sales in June were LGBTQ titles, particularly transgender fiction.

1. The All-Star June seller was my most recent anthology of trans love stories, which is especially cool and surprising because sales of the print edition have now surpassed sales of the ebook!

2. In second place, we've got Flash in the Pen--a book of super-short erotic stories. Y'all obviously want your flash fiction on paper!

3. In third spot, we've got my pet paperback: Friday Night Lipstick. It's a friends-become-lovers novella about older trans women falling in sappy, delicious lurve. I cry EVERY time I read the last chapter.

Honourable mentions include:

Have Yourself A Sexy Lesbian Christmas (in July, I guess?),
Don't You Savage Me (with all proceeds going to charities that serve Indigenous women),
Bisexual Beauties (the new kid on the block),
 Moving May (this stepbrother romance has sold very well in print--thank you!)

I could go on. It was quite a month!
Okay, one more: Monsters and Shifters and Men, Oh My!  

Thank you for buying my books!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wow, is that a Stayfree ad from 1973?

Nope! It's the cover of my upcoming lesbian pee book, Wet Weekend!

As I wrote this filthy little number, I tweeted about it a lot. All you wicked people got so excited I moved it up in my publication schedule. Hope you're still anxious, because it hits the market Friday.

Actually, you can preorder now for only $0.99, and I hope you will! It's weirdly good. It's weirdly romantic, too, for a book about women peeing on or around each other.

When Talia and Cassie set off on a romantic resort getaway, they never imagined they’d discover a wet and wild new fetish! Cassie’s a good sub who’d do anything for her girl, but what happens when Talia springs a scary surprise on her? If Talia requires total control over her bodily functions, will Cassie be ready to submit?
An unforgettable collection of lesbian fetish erotica.

If you've never read golden shower erotica (and if you're thinking "Why would I even want to?") I ho-heartily encourage you to give this one a go. Especially now, while you can get it for under a buck! Do it! Do eeeeet!

Amazon UK:


Who wears short shorts?

Monday, July 20, 2015

NOT your MOTHER'S Grapefruit

I guess it's trendy, these days, to marginalize our mothers' experiences and citrus fruits and what have you.
I don't know what this means!
I spent the weekend cleaning my apartment, but I couldn't throw this out without sharing. It's the label thingy from a bag of grapefruit--NOT your MOTHER'S Grapefruit, as it clearly specifies.  My mother isn't a housewife from the 50s (or a cartoon character, unfortunately--would have been fun, growing up with a cartoon mom) so not sure I would have made that assumption.

Oh, and in case you can't see the little letters above "Florida Ruby," they spell out: The Health and Beauty of the Modern Grapefruit.

et puis en fran├žais

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Why You Should Read Tangled Roots

When I sat down to create the paperback version of one of my very first ebooks, I was shaking in my boots. I was 100% convinced it would be terrible, the proofread would turn into a massive undertaking, and I’d be at it for a month.

How wrong I was! I breezed through the proofread in a day, taking time out to walk to the supermarket AND read in the park because hydro workers were jackhammering concrete poles outside my building and try working through that, will ya?

I enjoyed Tangled Roots. It felt distant to me, because I wrote it so many years ago, but still familiar because it went through so many rounds of edits in its initial incarnation.

Tangled Roots is a straight romance novella about an Indigenous woman who’s basically racist against her own race. So, yeah, a light and breezy read, there. Simone is not the most likeable character in the world, but that’s kind of why I love her. She was raised by parents who were silent about the past, and her white adoptive grandparents shit all over her cultural heritage. She internalized that hatred and, in doing so, never found a way to love herself.

At the start of the book, Simone has just lost her high-powered business job where she was a high-powered businesswoman. She’s trying to keep it together while her life falls apart, so the first thing she does is kick her live-in toy boy to the curb because kindness is for suckers.

This book is getting more appealing by the second, isn’t it?

But the love story doesn’t begin until Simone retreats to her late parents’ cottage, in hopes of selling it. That’s where she meets Moses, her new Anishinaabe neighbour.

Lurve happens.

Simone is still rough around the edges. She kind of pounces at him because that’s the way she deals with dudes (she wants control in the relationship), but Moses is super-balanced and he can take a step back and go, “Whoa, there. Let’s get to know each other first.” He’s pretty awesome.

And the weird thing is that before, when I called this book a light and breezy read, I wasn’t completely kidding. It’s high up on the romance scale, for my books. And it takes place in the summer, at a cottage. The way I’ve described it makes it sound a lot darker than it is, I think. This book would make a surprisingly good beach read.

You should read Tangled Roots if you’re looking to diversify your romance portfolio. Both romantic leads are Indigenous and heritage impacts their personalities and their experience of life. I didn’t expect to love it (I know how weird that sounds, considering I wrote it!) because I’m not big on straight romance (or any romance, unless it’s massively fucked up), but Tangled Roots works for me.

If you’re going to buy Tangled Roots, I highly recommend the paperback edition, as it is the most up to date. If you’re looking for the ebook,the first edition was published by eXcessica.

Tangled Roots in print
ISBN-13: 978-1515116349
ISBN-10: 1515116344

Large Print Edition:
ISBN-13: 978-1515117131
ISBN-10: 1515117138

eXcessica edition:

Saturday, July 18, 2015

#MySexySaturday Tangled Roots: Romantic Fiction in Paperback and Large Print

Yesterday I realized my 2008 erotic romance Tangled Roots was never released in print, so I dropped everything and spent the entire day (and night) creating standard paperback and large print editions.

These books are the prettiest things I've ever created. I can't wait for you to see what I've done with the interiors. They're magic inside! Okay, "magic" might be overselling, but they really are full of surprises.

You're going to love them!

My print sales are increasing all the time, which makes me happy because paperbacks hold a special place in my heart. I'm a devoted print reader. Ebooks just don't do it for me. I want to hold that baby in my hot little hands.
A book. In my hot little hands.

I've already written a big long blog post about Tangled Roots, but I'll put that up tomorrow. Since it's My Sexy Saturday, I'll start you off with an excerpt from the book and links to the newly released print editions.

Tangled Roots is a summer romance featuring Indigenous characters. It's an odd combination of easy-breezy and darkly disturbing. In the following scene, we find Simone alone in a canoe, enjoying the peace and tranquility of nature:

Sunlight dappled the waters ahead like a golden pathway to the heavens. This was just what Simone needed to forget about all that stupid work crap, and that whole mess with Toby. She could just close her eyes, sit out here on the water and be soothed by nature.

Just sit and be soothed.

Sit and be soothed.

A splash alerted Simone that something big had fallen in the lake. But there was nothing around, nobody struggling in the water. Could have been a loon or a fish or a sea monster, maybe.

Another splash, over to the right.

Ripples along the water.

Then a face. A man taking a deep breath, and then diving back below the water’s surface. He was swimming straight for her.

Considering I only ran the final proof on these paperback editions a couple hours ago, I'm amazed they're already available at Amazon. I only found the links by accident--happy accident.

Tangled Roots is available in print right here:
and here:
ISBN-13: 978-1515116349
ISBN-10: 1515116344

The large print edition is here:
and here:
ISBN-13: 978-1515117131
ISBN-10: 1515117138

You can still get the ebook from eXcessica, but it's an earlier edition (Tangled Roots is one of the very first books I wrote!)

Friday, July 17, 2015

FREE Dark Romance Alert!
My darkest story EVER appears in Take the Heat!

And while you're thinking about saving money on quality fiction, why not buy my new dark romance novelette, Sam and Delilah? It's on sale for $0.99!

After spending fifteen years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, Sam tracks down the woman he holds responsible. Delilah testified she saw him murder his wife. No way was that possible. The moon had been full that night. He’d been in the woods, inhabiting his shifted form. Will Delilah be able to reason with Sam before his inner beast takes hold? A dangerously dark shifter romance novelette.

Amazon UK:


All Romance Ebooks:

While you're scooping up dark romance, Monstrous Obsession is 75% off at Smashwords until July 31st with coupon code SSW75

Seven Kisses is 50% off with coupon code SSW50. If you love a good beauty and the beast dark romance, grab this book now!