Saturday, February 19, 2022

Before You Buy Secret Confessions: 36 Erotic Encounters...

Some people really love letter-style erotic confessions... and some people really hate them. 

Do you know the kind of short stories I mean? They tend to be quick down and dirty sex stories told in the first person. These "letters" focus on what happened, who touched what and where--wham, bam, thank you ma'am. 

Maybe they're kinky. Maybe they involve sex between people who shouldn't be having sex together. Maybe they're about a first time, a first experience with a certain type of sex act. Maybe they're about things that seem scary or squicky or gross until you give them a go. 

There are entire magazines devoted to this kind of sex story, the erotic letter.  A lot of readers think they're great. And other readers can't stand them, think they're too short, not enough character development, they're all about sex--too much sex! 

Well, if you hate erotic letters, please DO NOT BUY Secret Confessions: 36 Erotic Encounters


Because it's a book entirely devoted to erotic letters. 36 of them, to be exact. 

And if you love erotic letters? 

Hehe... then do I have a book for you!

No naughty encounter is ever complete until you tell somebody about it. And who doesn’t feel a tingle while reading a naughty story and wondering, “Is this true? Did that really happen?”

In this collection, you’ll find a whopping 36 erotic stories, as explicit as they are wicked! These confessions involve lesbian encounters, exhibitionism, porn appreciation, voyeurism, masturbation and self-love, cheating and deception, threesomes, group sex, sploshing, ice play, public sex, fisting, sex with a loving partner, female fantasies, rimming, anal play, stranger sex, double penetration, spanking, insertions, bondage, and so much more!


I’m sleeping with a married man. There. I had to get that off my chest.

You’ll understand, I’m sure, if I don’t tell you his name. After all, he could be someone you know. Or you may know his wife or his kids. I wouldn’t want word to get back to them. And just because he’s cheating doesn’t mean he’s a bad man. He isn’t bad, he simply has needs. We all do.

So, what’s it like? Well, last Saturday was a perfect example. At 5:30 in the morning, I heard his key in my door. That smooth metallic noise wakes me every time. It’s better than an alarm clock. I’d been looking forward to seeing him all week. I look forward to it every week.

He tells his wife he likes to jog early in the morning, before pollution envelops the city. He tells her he enjoys his run better when there are fewer people on the sidewalks, and when the sun hasn’t yet risen. These are only half-truths, because he actually does jog all the way from his house to mine. I doubt if his wife even notices anymore when he rolls out of bed before dawn. I doubt if she ever notices him at all. That’s fine. I’ve taken it upon myself to notice him. In fact, I could notice him all day and all night, if I ever had the opportunity.

I emerged from the depths of slumber as he kicked off his shoes in my front hall. I scrambled out of bed and headed straight for the bathroom. When you only get to see your lover once a week, you always want to look and smell and taste perfect. And morning breath is a major turn-off. When I switched off the bathroom light, my eyes couldn’t adjust fast enough to the darkness of my bedroom.

I asked, “Where are you?” as I walked straight into him. Ouch. “I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

He concurred with his standard stand-by, “Likewise.”

“All week I’ve been waking up and asking myself, ‘Is it Saturday yet…?’”

That’s all I managed to say before he kissed me. An entire week’s worth of kisses in less than one minute.

Secret Confessions is available as an ebook, audiobook, and in print!

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