Monday, March 3, 2014

At The Office With Uncle Larry: More Taboo Erotica from Lexi Wood

Oh, this sock!  The smut she writes!

Lexi Wood's latest ebook is a dirty little number called "At The Office With Uncle Larry," available at Amazon as "At The Office With TABOO Larry."  It's exactly what it sounds like: uncle/niece erotica set in an office building. And to make it that much more titillating, she's not just his niece--she's also the nanny!

By day, she takes care of his kids. By night, she takes care of him.

Oh, there are a million reasons Theresa should keep her paws off Larry. For starters, he’s her uncle. In case that’s not enough, she’s been playing nanny to his kids ever since their mother ran off.

When Theresa surprises Uncle Larry at the office, she can’t wait to get his pants down. But wait… his workplace has an open-concept design? Now where are they supposed to get their afternoon delight?

Larry can’t resist his naughty niece in a sexy summer dress. Maybe he’ll just have to take her in his boss’s office, press her up against the plate glass window, and give the whole city a look at her naked, nubile body.

Either way, his co-workers can’t find out what’s going on. It’s too taboo…

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