Saturday, May 24, 2014

#MySexySaturday is a MONSTER this week!

Want to hear this week's My Sexy Saturday theme?

Share with us this week those characters who are doing sexy and don’t realize it.

Hoo boy! Don't get me started.

Too late.  I'm already thinking about my new incubus novella, Monstrous Obsession. [Trigger warning for all triggers] Because, although Monstrous Obsession is an HEA erotic romance, most of the sex scenes don't involve our heroine Artemis and her biker boyfriend Budd.  Most of the sex scenes involve Artemis being TAKEN by the possessive demon who lives in their house.

Artemis is just minding her own business, going about her daily tasks, not trying to attract anyone's attention, when BAM!

Incubus thinks she's sexy.  Incubus thinks he OWNS her. And Incubus can jump into other men's bodies...

Artemis had never, in her entire life, felt so alone. On top of the aching loneliness, she knew it was watching. She didn’t know what it was, but she sensed its presence in the room, like a haze. Not a visible mist or fog, but dense, hot energy. The force made it hard to breathe. And moving? That was out of the question. Its haunting presence held her down.

In her mind, she asked, “Who are you? What do you want?”

She heard him laughing. He was inside her head, hearing her thoughts and feeling her fear. Never in her life had she felt so invaded.

“Get out of me,” she said, panicking, struggling to move. “Get out!”

The laughter grew more resonant, until it vibrated in her belly. It wasn’t just an impression on her mind anymore. He’d found a way inside her body.

“Get out!”

This time, instead of laughing, the creature spoke from deep inside her. “Darling, I’m just getting started.”


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  1. *groans* Another book I now have to go have. You're dangerous to my pocket book, Ms. Renarde.


  2. Well I guess that means you're good for my landlord, Ms. Trace!