Friday, June 6, 2014

#OutWriters and My Queer Little Box

This month, Cleis Press (a company that's published thirty bajillion short stories I've written) is putting the call out for out writers to use the hashtag #OutWriters on Twitter to talk about why it's important to be out and a writer, and write out-of-the-closet stories and think outside the box and... well, like any hashtag, it is what you make it.

Why is LGBTQ fiction important?  You tell me. (I already know the answer--I just want to see if you get it right. Kidding. I said I'm kidding! Stop throwing things!)

Raise your queer voice, if you have one.  Find it, if you don't.  Observe, if nothing else. Read all about it at

And I promised you my queer little box, so here's a pic:

(I made it by cutting up marketing documents from Cleis and gluing them onto the box that contained an "I Love New York" paperweight my mom gave me as a souvenir. What a crappy souvenir, Mom. Honestly.)
and another, from the back

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