Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Burlesque Beauties: Lesbian Historical Romance

If I've neglected my blog lately, that's because I've been hard at work writing new books and getting them to market. I've missed talking to you, if that means anything. Hope it does.

Anyhoo, I'm here to announce a new ebook!  "Burlesque Beauties" is a short lesbian historical romance that picks up about a year after my novella "A Little Burlesque" leaves off.  If you're looking for a happy little beach read (that features some sweet lesbian sex on the beach!), Burlesque Beauties is the book for you:

Orchid lives in a small cabin behind Madame Mireille's big burlesque house. There's barely room enough for herself, let alone her growing daughter. Ginger is in a similar situation, living with her young son Roger on Madame's seaside estate. It's been more than a year since Orchid has worked, and she's sincerely indebted to Madame, but she can't live in such cramped quarters much longer.

When Madame Mireille takes the children for a car trip, Orchid catches a saucy burlesque performance… but the sight of her lover Petra dancing for all those leering "jerks" and holidaymakers makes her jealous beyond belief. Perhaps Petra will join her by the seaside to remind her there are certain things the burlesque beauties only do for each other?

But what about Orchid and Ginger's housing situation? They can't bring themselves to ask Madame for more space. Can precious Petra find a solution?


“What’s the special occasion?” Orchid asked.

“No special occasion,” Madame replied as she snuck up on young Roger. Tickling the child, she said, “I just thought this little monster might like an iced cream from his Auntie Mireille!”

Roger squealed, hopping from Orchid’s lap into Madame’s arms, hugging her tight around the neck as she kissed his winsome head.

“Who will take care of the front if you’re gone?” Orchid asked. “And the money side?” Setting Roger down, Mireille took Annabel from Ginger. “Sally’s got a handle on the money and such, though perhaps you could give her a hand at the start. In truth, Orchid, I need you to watch the show once or twice before you start performing again. We’ve made a few changes since you last took to the stage, and I want you up to speed.”

Orchid hesitated. Annabel was sleeping now, and Ginger fixing her basket for travel. The kids did love going out in that Pontiac Pathfinder Deluxe. Madame had bought it on a trip to Montreal, and driven all the way home to the Maritimes. Orchid couldn’t imagine the sea air did that motor any favours, though. She worried it would conk out in the middle of nowhere, but the trips always soothed Annabel, and she couldn’t bear to deny her child anything of this world. Bad enough her little girl was growing up without a father.

“Thank you,” she said to Madame, kissing her baby’s bonnet before Mireille made off with the little ones. With a heaving sigh, Orchid turned to Ginger and shrugged.

“It’s nice of her and all, but every time Annabel’s out of my sight I feel as though a piece of me were missing.”

“I know the feeling all too well.” Ginger took on a wicked grin and approached Orchid slowly, deliberately. Her eyes were so dark with desire there was no question what she had in mind. “It’s certainly been a while since we were alone together—no tykes, just…”

“Yes, indeed,” Orchid agreed with a nervous chuckle. She backed up against the door of her one-room cottage, glancing quickly at the clock. “Oh, what a shame! It’s time for you to get ready for your matinee.”

Ginger loomed large, licking her lips like she could devour Orchid in one gulp. Her breath was so heavy, so laboured, that Orchid felt dizzied just standing there against the door. A year ago, she’d have jumped at any opportunity for Sapphic pleasure, but that was before she’d encountered Petra. Everything was different now.

Where can you get a copy?  All these places:

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