Sunday, June 21, 2015

Spread the Word: #BisexualBeachReads

I'm inventing a hashtag. Right now. You're watching me do it. Having fun yet?

Of course you are! Because you're going to participate in making #BisexualBeachReads a huge success.

What's it about? Well, it'll be what we make it. For my part, since I'm a queer author who's written a number of books featuring bisexual characters (like Cherry, Bali Nights, Seven Kisses, Ondine, the Adam and Sheree series--to name the first ones that popped into my head), I'm going to tweet about those books using the new hashtag.

If you're an author who's written books about bisexuals, you should tweet about them too! If you're a reader who's read an awesome book with bi characters, use the hashtag to tell other people about it. If you're a reader and writer, do both! If you're a puppy... well, you're off the hook. You spend your summer learning not to pee on the floor. Very good!

I actually came up with #BisexualBeachReads last summer, but I procrastinated so long that it was suddenly September and I hadn't told anyone about it. Sooo I waited a whole year for another summer to come around. Which is actually good timing, because it just so happens that I have a new book out called Bisexual Beauties: 10 Sexy Stories of Girls Who Love Girls...and Guys!

This is the back cover from the paperback version of Bisexual Beauties!

Here are some places you can purchase Bisexual Beauties:

Amazon UK:
Barnes and Noble:

In Bisexual Beauties, eroticist Giselle Renarde assembles an eclectic cast of characters to arouse and entertain you. Girlfriends share their first taste of man in “Felicity’s First” while frisky folk singers take Winter along for the ride in “Forbidden Folk.” A curvy girl joins the action when she walks in on her co-worker crush seducing a sexy stranger. A proudly bisexual building super fixes more than just leaky pipes, and a concerned BFF helps her married friends break down barriers when she jumps into bed with them.

This new bisexual beach read is available for purchase as an ebook and in print. Guess it just depends whether you prefer to do your beach reading with a paperback or a tablet. (I like a paperback, myself).

Here are some MORE places you can purchase Bisexual Beauties:


This book contains some amazing erotica. It includes not only short stories, but novelettes like Good Bi Valentine and, one of my personal favourites, Forbidden Folk. If you've never read Forbidden Folk, it's about a young woman who's taken under wing by two folk singers. Here's the taboo hitch: she knew these folk singers as a child, when her late mother toured with them. They practically raised her.

So the desire she feels for this older man and woman feels excessively forbidden...

...but when did that ever stop any of my characters? LOL

Here are a couple more places you can purchase Bisexual Beauties:

Google Play:

And don't forget to spread the word about #BisexualBeachReads! Let's honour some bi characters this summer! And let's make these books easier for readers to find!

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