Sunday, October 30, 2016

50% Rebate for Halloween!

A spooky hello to you all!

Did you know that All Romance Ebooks is having a 50% rebate sale for Halloween? October 30-31 2016, you'll get a 50% rebate on everything you buy!

This is a perfect time to preorder my novel In Shadow, which comes out November 1st. Often I'll release a book at a sale price in hopes that lots of readers will grab it, but I'm not going that route with In Shadow. The price for the ebook edition of this novel is $5.99. If you preorder it today from All Romance, you'll get a $3 credit to your account! That's the closest you'll come to getting this baby on sale, so go for it! Now! Don't wait! Now, now, now!!!

Preorder In Shadow from All Romance Ebooks today!

This is the point in the story where you’re either going to think I’m lying or I’m crazy, or maybe both. Well, I’m not lying, so I guess that leaves you with your answer.

The afternoon sun was streaming in through the window above the door. It cast long shadows across the fabric dividing my studio from Gord’s portion of the garage. That wasn’t the weird part. In fact, I hadn’t even noticed our shadows until they started to move.

At first, I thought it was the fabric moving. I thought maybe Brooke had snuck in and got behind it. I thought she was trying to scare me like she used to do when we were little.

But the fabric wasn’t moving. The fabric stayed absolutely still while my shadow started bending forward.

That might have been the weirdest part, because I knew for a fact I wasn’t bending. In that moment, I don’t think I could have budged if I’d tried. My feet were two blocks of ice frozen to the cement floor, and my arms were like dead weight at my sides.

But my shadow’s arms? That was another story.

They rose at my shadow body’s sides, then wrapped ominously around my stepbrother’s shadow.

I was so sure Mason would whip around and be like, “Hey, get your hands off me!”

But he didn’t seem to feel it. He couldn’t seem to sense my shadow wrapping itself around his.

His shadow’s head turned to mine. I swallowed hard, because I could feel everything. Feel his head, his breath, his hardness. I could feel it all when his shadow kissed mine. I could feel the hugeness of his tongue in my mouth.

A warm flush whipped through me like lava, filling my cheeks with crimson heat before sliding down my throat. I felt him all over me and inside me as my shadow attached to his.

The real Mason talked the whole time, but I couldn’t hear a word. I couldn’t draw my gaze away from his shadow lifting my shadow off its feet, slamming its back against the wall, hiking up my skirt and…

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