Saturday, January 7, 2017

Let me tell you a true sex story: I Sucked a Married Man's Cock
I promised you smut. I bring you smut. Older man/younger woman adultery erotica.

And it's free.

And it's true.

A lot of “true stories” aren’t really true. This one is. In fact, it’s a shamelessly, woefully accurate description of the first blowjob I ever gave. He was fifty and married. I was a nineteen-year-old virgin, desperately in love with an older man. If you want to hear about my first time sucking cock, this is how it all went down…

With a title like I Sucked a Married Man’s Cock: The True Story of my First Blowjob, you better believe this little ebook isn't available everywhere. But you can find it right now at Excitica (you can find pretty much anything there!) or get it from Smashwords.

It's free. You've got nothing to lose but your innocence. heh

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