Friday, June 1, 2018

I Want Candy! #erotica #anthology

Let me tell you about the saddest day of my life (but not really).

My mother had an extra ticket to a Blue Jays game and she was trying to convince me to come with her. I am not a baseball fan. In fact, I find baseball intolerably boring. My mother knows this about me. That's why she tried to bribe me... with candy.

This method had worked in the past. "Come to the game. I'll buy you gummy worms!" Candy was such a desirable substance that I would sit through 14 hours of baseball just to get a taste.

Oh, and this is not a story from my childhood. I was like... 27 at the time?

I was a candy-loving grown-up.

So when the day came that I could no longer be tempted by candy, I was really quite sad. I felt like the last remaining vestiges of childhood had fallen away. I loved candy for so long... and then I didn't. The sheen wore off. I learned to love vegetables. No more candy for Giselle.

I admit, I still indulge every so often. But usually, if I want a sweet treat, I'll bake something from scratch. Like somebody's grandma. That's me.

The love of candy will forever live on in my soul. I may not have a taste for the sweet stuff in life, but in fiction? Well, just read my story, Sweet Tooth, in Rachel Kramer Bussel's new anthology Candy Lovers: Sugar Erotica.

You'll see.
If you love the sweet taste of sugar melting on your tongue, the allure of chocolate and the exciting feeling of licking a creamy ice cream cone, you'll adore Candy Lovers: Sugar Erotica. These 35 enticing stories of food play delve into the fun of popular desserts used in the most tactile, sensual ways. These men and women pursue their sexual fantasies, opening wide to indulge an offered treat or presenting their bodies to be used for sticky, arousing, totally hot carnal celebrations.

Whether whipping up the perfect confection in the kitchen, feeding a partner a sweet treat direct from your fingertips (or other body parts) or indulging all their senses in a sugar orgy, the characters in these sexy stories are sure to whet your appetite and turn you on. From couples using dessert to add even more intimacy to their relationships to new passions fueled by a shared love of the pleasures of the tongue, Candy Lovers is sure to arouse you. Edited by the award-winning Rachel Kramer Bussel, these are the perfect erotic tales to read whenever you're in the mood…with your favorite candy nearby.

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