Friday, August 31, 2018

#Erotica Every Day: Sixty-Nine

September 20
© 2018 Giselle Renarde

She threw me off, panting, saying “I need some air.”

I hear a lot of people trash-talking 69ing, but you know what? It can be fucking fantastic.

Before she threw me off, I’d been on top, sucking her soft cock. I love it when it’s soft. God, do I love it. Sometimes it gets hard and I think… damn. I wish it would go back down again. But it usually does. It always does, eventually.

There’s nothing like sucking a soft cock. It’s like kissing, but between your girlfriend’s legs. Or your boyfriend’s, if he has a cock. Especially if he has a cock that doesn’t get hard. It’s so succulent. Or playful. Or whatever you want it to be. It just feels good.

While I teased her soft cock with my tongue, she licked my pussy. Now, I’ll tell you this much: me upside-down on her face isn’t my favourite position. It feels better when I’m at the edge of the bed and she’s kneeling on the floor. Her tongue strikes my clit at a better angle.

So there are definitely drawbacks to a 69. I fully acknowledge the drawbacks. But, to me, it’s worth it just to have something in my mouth while she’s eating me out. I always want something in my mouth. Always.

The thing that really got me wasn’t the sensation of her tongue on my clit. As we’ve already discussed, the angle’s not perfect. What got me really excited was my girlfriend grabbing my ass cheeks. One, then the other. Both. Squeezing them. Hard. Really clutching my buns. She probably left hand prints. Bruises. I’ll have to check when I’m done writing this down.

Once she had a good grip on my ass, she started rocking me. No, rocking is too gentle a word. It wasn’t gentle. I can’t think of a really good word to describe the back and forth motion. Reminded me of the kind of fucking you’d see in mainstream porn, where he’s bending her over a chair or a bed and he’s gripping her ass and just reaming her from behind.

It was like that, but instead of fucking I was riding her face. She was forcing me to ride her face. Forcing me to rub my wet pussy over her mouth. More than her mouth. Felt like I was riding her whole face. Felt amazing, quick and yet substantial. She had the tiniest bit of stubble on her upper lip, and I could feel the burn of it. I worried I was suffocating her, and it’s not that I didn’t care… it’s just that I couldn’t stop. How could I stop? She had my ass in her hands. She was driving this motion, not me.

So it was kind of a relief when she threw me off. It meant that I knew her well enough to realize she wasn’t breathing. Well, she was, but shallow breaths. A person can only take so much of shallow breaths before they need a big one. I said I was sorry, but she told me there was no need to apologize. When she needed to breathe, she saw to it. She got her breath.

And I got off. Might seem like she got the short end of the stick, to some people. Get smothered while your partner gets off. But we know each other better than that. A 69 is about sharing the pleasure. Giving and taking simultaneously. That’s what we’re good at. That’s what we go for.
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