Friday, November 29, 2019

December's going to be a great month for #AudioErotica patrons!

This December, I'm treating my AudioErotica patrons like the treasures they are.

Rather than just posting one short story every Friday like I usually do, I'll be giving patrons access to TWO holiday novellas at the end of the month.

December starts off business as usual:

  • December 6th 2019, patrons will be listening to my lesbian erotic story FIRST NIGHT ON A WATERBED.
  • December 13th 2019, patrons will treat their ears to an erotic confession called STANDING ROOM ONLY.  Public sex at the opera!
  • December 20th 2019 it's SUGAR BUSH, lesbian temperature play for Christmas.

That's when things really take off.

  • December 28th 2019 through January 4th 2020, patrons will be listening to my spicy New Year's romance OUT OF THE COLD--same deal as the previous week: one new chapter every day!

It's going to be a treat! If you're not a patron already, you'll definitely want to join NOW!

  • Patrons at the $4+ level get to listen to everything I've just mentioned.
  • Patrons at the $1 level, who usually get access to one audio erotica story per month, get to listen not only to FIRST NIGHT ON A WATERBED, but OUT OF THE COLD as well!  

What a deal!

Become an AudioErotica Patron today!

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