Monday, March 17, 2008


Today I'm introducing a brand new feature here at Donuts and Desires. THIS IS NOT A GARBAGE CAN is a photo essay, updated weekly, depicting all the places lazy people in my city throw their garbage, despite the fact that these locations are NOT garbage cans.

My inspiration is my revulsion at the amount of litter I see on the streets of Toronto the Good. This is a relatively clean city, and yet there's garbage everywhere. I simply don't understand how people can continue to choke our dying planet out of sheer laziness. There are garbage cans everywhere and they're there for a reason. Did I ever mention I'm an environmentalist?

So, without further delay, onto our first installment: A PINE TREE IS NOT A GARBAGE CAN.

Many people seem to think that a pine tree is a garbage can. I can illustrate my assertion with using the photos above and below, which I took on the main street of an affluent part of the city. As you can see, these pine trees have been used as garbage cans by a whole bunch of people. People who drink grape soda, ginger ale, coffee and bottle water. People who eat cheap chocolate and McDonalds (that white thing all crumpled up in the photo above is a bag from McDo). There's at least one pack of cigarettes in the tree pictured at the right, and there's some other crap in there too.

Talk about the direct impact of litter on the environment! You don't have to actually
hug trees (pine needles are sharp, I know), just don't throw garbage in them! It's a pretty easy rule to follow. So, what have we learned today? A PINE TREE IS NOT A GARBAGE CAN