Thursday, April 17, 2008

Canadian Bald

Pardon me while I swoon for Peter Mansbridge.

Now, I’m not big on news programming. For all its sensationalism and thinly-veiled biases, I never watch the local news. I’ll tune into the National News on the Aboriginal People’s Television Network once in a while and I try to catch In the Life, the gay and lesbian newsmagazine aired on PBS. I watch a few political debate programs on TVO as well. As for “THE NEWS,” though? Angers up the blood. I’ve learned I can do without it.

That said, if anyone could pull me in to news programming, it would be none other than the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s own Peter Mansbridge. When I search the airwaves for sexy Canadians, he stands bald head and broad shoulders over all others.

But there’s more to Peter Mansbridge’s charm than just a bald head. There’s a brain in that head! He has that very Canadian ability to ask incisive questions without attacking the interviewee, something American political journalists can’t seem to manage.

There’s that sneaky dimpled smirk, like nobody can pull the wool over his (are they blue?) eyes. There’s the crossed leg with shoe nodding playfully along. And have you ever seen Mansbridge in a black turtleneck? Hot stuff!

What a tease that his political program is called One on One with Peter Mansbridge! I’ll tell you what I would do if I got my hands on some one on one time with Mansbridge: I’d put those lovely pink lips of his to work, and we wouldn’t be talking politics.

For those who like the oldie-baldies, Peter Mansbridge goes in the hottie file.