Thursday, April 24, 2008

FREE READ! Cocktails at Bedtime

I'm happy to be able to share with y'all --free of charge-- a cute little story called, Cocktails at Bedtime.

I would categorize this read as 'the sitcom of erotic fiction,' a short humorous tale, more R-rated than the raunchy porn I often peddle. Darling and inoffensive. I promise to offend you all some other time, don't worry.

Cocktails at Bedtime can be read right now for free at Hips and Curves, a plus-size lingerie site that carries some really gorgeous apparel. You'll see at the bottom of the screen the words, "Curvy, Confident, Fabulous!" and that's the spirit in which I wrote Cocktails at Bedtime. Curvy women are fabulous and I wish they all shared in the lovely spirit of confidence that comes across at Hips and Curves.

I was encouraged to write for this site because I love, love, love curvy women. I work with this girl who has the most spectacular curvy body --nice wide hips, gorgeous breasts, and a midriff you just want to dig your nails into-- and yet she's obsessed with the idea of losing weight. So sad! She's perfect just the way she is. In fact, if I didn't have that rule about not hitting on people I work with, she'd be in trouble...

Cocktails at Bedtime. Read it. It's free.