Thursday, May 8, 2008

Top ten great things about dating a transvestite

Everybody run and hide! Giselle Renarde is trying to be funny. (God, no! This is worse than the plague!) Okay, so David Letterman I am not, but here’s my desperate attempt at a top ten list.

Top ten great things about dating a transvestite

10. You don’t have to worry about carrying all your crap around town; just throw your wallet and keys in his purse.

9. It doesn’t turn any heads when you sneak off to the ladies’ room together.

8. When he says he’ll call you the next day, you can be damned sure he will. Not just that, but he’ll even ask how you’re doing and tell you how much he loved spending time together.

7. You need to choose an outfit? So what! He’s got to decide which boobs to wear.

6. It’s like sex with a woman, but no strap-on required! (unless you’re fucking him...)

5. Two skirts = twice the easy access for footsy under the restaurant table (or getting head on top of it, if you feel like being kicked out of the restaurant).

4. He loves, loves, loves to cuddle.

3. You can take solace in the fact that he’s making that whole Bridget Jones slimming granny panties versus sexy knickers decision too.

2. When he says he likes your underwear, you know just what to get him for his birthday!

And the number one great thing about dating a transvestite (drum roll please)…

1. No matter how much you’ve got to shave in preparation for your date, you can be damned sure he’s got to shave more!