Monday, August 18, 2008

Butchering the Classics

Hi, all! I’m out of town at the moment, but if my computer’s smarter than I am, it should be able to post today’s Monday Miscellany on my behalf.

I have some “informations” for you, as we say in franglais (aka Frenglish): I like to write music in my beyond-ample spare time. Not just that, but I’ve fished some of it out from under my mattress and posted it to my lovely little Myspace page for all to hear.

Most of my work fits into a collection I call "Butchering the Classics" because, along with my Garageband software, that's what I tend to do. Hopefully I butcher them in a way that is pleasing to the ear, at least. Might as well check it out; it's all free.

I started (re)arranging classical music to use as a soundtrack for my promotional book trailers (like, did I mention I also write erotic fiction? lol) but soon developed a taste for producing my own music, such as it is.

As for my butchering, it tends to be of french impressionist music. "The Little Shepherd" you may recognize as a composition of Claude Debussy's, whereas "She's Like the Swallow" is a traditional Canadian song. I enjoy those hauntingly beautiful sounds, reminiscent of twilight by a lakeside campfire. I also love Bach, which led me to produce “I (heart) Bach,” an elegant arrangement of his F minor keyboard concerto.

"Vous le voulez comment?" is a sexy little number I wrote (all by myself, mommy!), which begins with a bit of pleading. Although the lyrics are “vous le voulez comment?” (“how do you want it?”), the intensity of expression suggests something else. The subtext reads more as, “I’ll give you anything you want, just fuck me already!” Then we get into the “ah, oui, c’est ça,” suggesting the pleading has paid off. Doesn’t last long, though. It ends with a musical joke, because, hell, sex is funny.

I feel like I’m giving an awards speech, here. Finally, I would like to thank my mother for forcing me to practise piano as a child. All those lessons were good for something after all…

Bright Blessings,