Monday, January 5, 2009

Preditors &'s voting time!

Okay, lovelies, it's time to vote for me...again...gosh, sometimes I feel like all I ever do is beg for votes. But, hey, often it works. Thanks to your nominations and votes, a couple of my book trailers won the Romance Room competition.

Anyway, on to Preditors and Editors. Voting continues until January 14th, 2009, so get out there and exercise your democratic prowess, hopefully in my favour.

Vote for Giselle Renarde on the Authors Page
Vote for Giselle Renarde on the Poets Page
Vote for Tangled Roots by Giselle Renarde under Romance Short Stories
Vote for Beneath the Ice by Giselle Renarde under Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Stories
Vote for The Birthday Gift by Giselle Renarde under All Other Short Stories
Vote for Repeat Broadcast by Giselle Renarde on the Poems Page
Vote for Extra Credit with the Cunning Linguist by Giselle Renarde on the Non-Fiction Articles Page

And, hey, if you find me anywhere else, vote for me there too! Every vote counts!


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