Thursday, April 24, 2014

Where Are My Lesbian Cousins? They're Hiding...

Hiding in plain sight, actually.

Last year, Amazon banned Wedding Heat: Pretty Cousin, the fourth story from my Wedding Heat series. Amazon's not so hot on erotic fiction with family-related words in the titles or blurbs.  In fact, Amazon's not so hot on a lot of things, these days.

Anyway, if you're looking for my sexy lesbian cousins at Amazon, you'll find them in the guise of Wedding Heat: Pretty Bride. Got that?  Pretty BRIDE. Nothing has changed, content-wise.  It's still the same book you can buy at eXcessica or Barnes and Noble.  Only the title and blurb are different on Amazon:

Wedding Heat: Pretty Bride
by Giselle Renarde

Vanessa’s had a crush on Maggie since before she knew what love was. They were inseparable growing up—that is, until Vanessa came out as lesbian. That confession sparked a rift between the girls that stretched out more than ten years.

Two days before her wedding, Maggie meets up with Vanessa for the first time since they were teenagers. The attraction hasn't died down. If anything, it's burning brighter than before. Will Vanessa give in to her lust and seduce Maggie so close to the wedding? Or will Maggie reveal a secret surprise of her own?

Here's the buy link:


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