Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A #FreeRead for you Voyeurs of my Family Life

Some of you lovely people really love my life. You love hearing about my life, I should say. I enjoy the nitty-gritty of other people's family lives, too, so I totally understand. That's why there's this:

Okay, so remember a couple weeks ago when I was out of town? "In the woods" I kept saying.  Well, I was on vacation with my mom and my siblings. Away from the internet, away from cell service, but also away from my girlfriend. Because nothing's ever complete until I've shared it with Sweet, I wrote letters home to her every day.

And when I got back I realized some of you voyeurs of my family life would probably be interested in reading them.

So I bundled them up, electronically, and published them as an odd little book called "A Week in the Woods with Family: Ramblings of an Author in Cottage Country." If my blog posts are never enough for you and you want to delve even deeper inside me (?) then this is the book for you.

Did I mention it's free?

Yeah, it is. But not for long. Now through Sunday, you can grab it for nothing at Amazon:
Amazon Canada
Amazon Australia
Amazon UK

Don't delay! Read me today!

Here's the blurb (it's kind of weird trying to blurbify your summer vacation, but there it is):

What happens when five completely mature adults spend a week together at a cottage? No, it’s not the plot of a family comedy, dramedy, or reality show. It’s the situation you’ll see played out before your very eyes in “A Week in the Woods with Family.”

In this intimate portrait of real life events, celebrated author Giselle Renarde pens a fine series of letters home from the woods. Alternating between humorous, heart-wrenching, mundane, mouth-watering, board-gaming, wildlife-spotting and much more, these in-depth communications to her cat-minding sweetheart are part secret confession, part reflection on writing, part letter home from camp.

Join Giselle and her family in the woods as they take to the lake, run from friendly foxes and adjust to one another’s very special quirks. In cottage country, the dull moments are the ones to remember.

Get it from Amazon right now!

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