Thursday, August 14, 2014

Black Widow by PJ Adams

Just sharing a book blurb because it's intriguing. Plus, I'm loving this cover:
Black Widow by PJ Adams - - B&N

Two years ago Eleanor Dryton lost her husband, her job and her friends.
She lost everything about her old life that ever mattered to her.
All she had left were her will and a burning desire for revenge.

Now, El has served her time for being an unknowing partner in her murdered husband's crimes. Her prison sentence has toughened her up and she's learned that she can be bad.

But when her search for revenge leads her to a man who takes bad to a completely different level just how far is she willing to go? If prison has hardened her, what effect will the man who killed her husband have? And does she even have any control over what happens next?

A dark and disturbing romantic thriller from the bestselling author of Winner Takes All and The Object Of His Desire.

--Author's Note--
This is a dark romance novel. It contains themes of violence and mature situations that could make readers uncomfortable.

Black Widow - a dark romance novel by PJ Adams

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