Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Oh, What A Difference A STEP Makes!

In 2013, my Adam and Sheree series hit the market and was immediately banned by almost every ebook retailer in existence. There were very few sites that would sell a trilogy about brother/sister incest. 

The series sold (and continues to sell) well, considering it's available from so few stores, but when your book isn't available from Amazon, that's a huge chunk of shoppers who don't have access to it. (Once upon a time, I worked with a publishing house that refused to make their books available at Amazon--on moral grounds. They aren't in business anymore.)

Anyhoo, the reason I loved writing my Adam and Sheree trilogy is that, when you're dealing with a brother and sister, their relationship can get really antagonistic without making the reader go, "Why wouldn't you break up with that jerk?" You can't break up! You're siblings! You're stuck in this relationship for the rest of your lives!

Antagonism is probably the reason stepbrother romances have become so hot at Amazon over the course of the summer. So, in the interest of bandwagon-jumping, and because I'd already written this entire motherfucking series that Amazon wouldn't allow on its site, I went back my 100,000-word Adam and Sheree trilogy and made some edits.

Oh, what a difference a STEP makes!

The stepbrother manchests of summer
In this reworked and re-titled and re-covered version of the Adam and Sheree series, the first book (Adam and Sheree's Family Vacation) is called STEPBROTHER SUMMER. It is now available from Amazon, and I strongly encourage you to buy your copy now!

Here be some links, me mateys:

Amazon UK:
Amazon Canada:
Amazon Australia:

The second book, STEPBROTHER AND COMPANY (a reworked version of Adam and Sheree's Family Business--my fave of the three, and thus the one with the crappiest sales) will be out in September.

Actually, maybe the Christmas one is my favourite. Or maybe the first one is.

I don't know. These are difficult decisions.

Anyway, buy the book.

Love you!


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