Thursday, February 4, 2016

Read THIS Before You Write THAT

I just came across this new media reference guide for journalists discussing trans and gender-diverse people. Read it! If you're an author who incorporates trans characters into the fiction you write, read it. If you're a journalist, definitely read it. If you're a person who never writes anything but sometimes talks to people about stuff, read it!

Basically what I'm saying is: everyone read this. Even if you're thinking, "Oh I read one of those a few years ago," read this one now. Language changes so quickly. Even as a gender nonconforming person myself, and the partner of a trans woman, and an author who writes gender-diverse characters, I didn't realize some of the terms that were totes a la mode 10 years ago were now considered derogatory. Scrambled eggs all over my face!

Stuff changes fast, and if you want to win this race you gotta stay on top! (Which race? I don't know. I've eaten too much ice cream and I'm getting silly).

Anyway, read this guide. It was put together by The 519 here in Toronto and Rainbow Health Ontario.

It'll only take a few minutes, and you'll be a better human for it:

Download Media Reference Guide

I stole that link from this link:

Love you!

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