Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm wearing a suit

This weekend I went to a wedding. Like that wasn't bad enough, I also got hit by a beach umbrella. I have a tendency to be struck by flying objects. What can I say?

My priority in attending this wedding was ensuring that I wouldn't be hit on by any drunk guys (mission accomplished) and my method was cross-dressing. With Sweet away, I'm missing the transvestism. Of course, a girl wearing a suit doesn't have half the impact of a man wearing a dress, but attracting attention wasn't exactly my goal.

Anyway, I want to share with you a conversation between my mom and I because it made me laugh...

Mom: Did you find a dress for the wedding?
Me: No, I'm wearing a suit.
Mom: Why don't you look in your sister's closet? I'm sure she has a dress you can wear.
Me: No, I'm wearing a suit.
Mom: Do you want me to take you shopping? We can look for a dress.
Me: No, I'm wearing a suit.
Mom: I'll buy you a dress!
Me: No, I'm wearing a suit. (argh!)