Monday, June 15, 2009

Warning: Adult Content!

Happy Monday!

I'm full of burgers, rosé, and kettle chips at the moment, but I thought I'd mosey on down to the ol' blog to remind y'all about For The Girls. They've redesigned their website since last I visited, and it's looking very hot and very professional.

Karen and Debbie, the webmistresses at FTG, have a couple videos for all you girls who like boys. I'd love you to take a look. Be forewarned: these vids are not for young eyes. 18+ just like everything else related to me, my work, and my life. LOL

Alright, enough talk. Onto the moooooving pictures....

This one's a trailer for an exclusive movie For The Girls is very proud to share with the world:

This one? Well, if you like boys playing with their toys, have a look...

If you decide to become an FTG member, take note that a couple of my new stories are up in the Wicked Ways section. LILLIAN'S NEW TOY is the tale of an older woman who buys a strap-on vibrator to combat her husband's solitary nocturnal habit. COCK ADDICT is a monologue by a woman who likes to "steal" her boyfriend's cock.

Now that's got to have you curious! Check it out today!

Have a wonderful evening, friends!
Giselle Renarde

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