Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Fell in Love with a Lube (and onto the warpath with another)

No more drugstore brands for me. No, no, no. I've got my hands on a real lube, and I'm never going to let it go...
A water-based sensual lubricant
Maximus. Oh, Maximus water-based sensual lubricant, I look forward to all the encounters for which you ease the way, you non-greasy darling. You last even longer than I do, with no need to reapply. You're tough enough to handle anal encounters, but without being sticky and overbearing. Maximus, you are the love of my sex life.

I'm being a little silly, but I'd heard nothing but good things about this master lube, and now I know why. Although, I must admit, my runner-up favourite is an exclusively drugstore brand, and one you probably wouldn't think to buy.

Vagisil brand makes an "intimate moisturizer" (I kind of LOVE that euphemism) which claims to feel "like your body's own natural moisture" and you know what? It does! I'm really impressed with this lube. I've been a repeat-buyer of the product for probably ten years and will continue to buy it because it's a great vaginal lubricant. The reason I made the purchase of a (pretty gigantic) bottle of Maximus is that Vagisil really can't handle the anal aspect, and everybody who's into anal play NEEDS a good heavy-duty lube around the bedroom (or wherever).

The other thing I got in the mail recently was a free sample of KY INTENSE AROUSAL GEL FOR HER, which was a pretty great thing to get for free even though I've never found arousal gels to have any effect whatesoever.
The main thing that captured my attention, though, was the packaging. You probably can't make out the "directions" from this photo, but it reads:

DIRECTIONS: Arousal is at your fingertips--or his. During foreplay, gently massage a drop of gel onto your clitoris. Reapply as desired. Can be used with K-Y (R) Brand personal lubricants. Use externally.

Can you guess what caught my eye? I'll give you a hint: "OR HIS"...not "or hers" or "or theirs" or "or your parter's" or "or your partners'"...just another nod to heterocentricity. It makes me wonder, you know? Lesbians have TWO CLITS...or more if they're polyamorous! By putting that one word, "his," on the packaging, K-Y drops any possibility of marketing to lesbians. Oh, and bi women? You can use this with a guy, but not with another girl. 'K?


I know, I know, I over-analyse EVERYTHING, but words are important. Words tell us where we are welcome and where we are condemned, what is applicable to us and what is not. What is a manufacturer saying to a COMMUNITY when they put something like that on their packaging? It says to me, "This product is not for you, dyke!" If it's an oversight, why aren't you looking at my segment of the population?

It's time to break out the rainbow flags, K-Y. I'm on to you!

*Whew* What a rant! But, seriously, who's with me in the war on heterocentricity?

Peace and Empowerment!
Giselle Renarde
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