Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm an Oyster...Big Surprise, Right?

Samantha from Oysters & Chocolate (my go-to site for erotica) sent me this fun little quiz to reveal what kind of girl (or guy) you are. Here are my results:

What's Your Flavor? For Her

My Result: Oysters
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You're an Oysters girl - you love to share your bed with a seductive woman. The soft touch of a woman's lips, her sweet scents, expert fingers and the press of her nipples against yours drives you insane with passion and desire. Big-tittied butch dykes, lipstick lesbians, strap-ons, drag kings, belly-button rings and lap dances are a few of your turn ons.

Suggested erotic story: "Dress Up" by J. Sinclaire
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If you're a "her" you can take the quiz yourself right here:

Or, if you're a "him" give this one a shot:

Hugs and Licks!

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