Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer in the City

I keep seeing these calls for submissions for anthologies centered around specific world-class cities: London, Paris, San Fran...but never Toronto!

I guess Canadian cities, particularly this one that tends to be maligned as a ruthless business centre by other Canadians (there's a documentary called "I Hate Toronto") and off the radar beyond this country, aren't perceived as having much sex appeal.

Well, if you happen to live in Toronto or you're visiting at the moment, a few of my favourite events are on this weekend, July 10-12 2009.

The Toronto Fringe Festival has been fringing away since the start of the month. Fringe is a festival of theatre for children, adults, ADULTS, and dance enthusiasts. The plays selected for Fringe are selected by lottery (not merit) so keep in mind that they could very well suck. But that's the whole fun of Fringe: Pay for your economy-friendly $10 ticket (only $5 for children at the FringeKids! shows) and see if you can pick a winner.

I've seen some hilarious musicals at the Toronto Fringe Festival, as well as some pretty excruciating modern dance. It's hit-and-miss. I tend to stay away from the one-person shows. A bad 60-minute monologue is about as excruciating as theatre gets, if you ask me. Also keep in mind that there's a lot of ADULT ADULT content in many of the shows, though if you're reading my blog, adult material probably isn't something you find objectionable. :-) for details.

What else does Toronto have on tap this weekend? Why, it's the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, which kicks off tomorrow, Friday July 10th 2009, and runs until Sunday. As you might have gathered, this exhibition Nathan Phillips Square, in fact.

The great thing about this exhibition, aside from the sheer volume and variety of art (from pottery to mixed media to bizarre etchings) is that you can buy pieces directly from the artists. Isn't that better than a gallery employee telling you what little he or she knows about the piece, then taking a commission for the sale? I think so.

And yes, the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition will still be going on despite its location on municipal property and the fact that there's a city worker strike. Toronto's got no garbage pickup at the moment, but we do have art! for details.

See you in the sun!
Giselle Renarde

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