Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bye Bye Ruthie!

I received sad news the other day.

It seems Ruthie's Club, one of my favourite erotica sites of all time, is closing down for the next little while, perhaps returning in 2010.

As a writer, I found Ruthie's Club very exciting to work with. Every story was expertly illustrated, which let me watch my erotica come to life. Each time Desdmona added one of my pieces to the schedule, I tingled with anticipation to see how the assigned artist would interpret my work visually.

I do hope Ruthie's Club will be off her back and putting out superb erotica once more in the new year. It was always one of those sites I could log on to knowing I would find quality erotica.

Kinky. Classy. Literate. Smut.

Giselle + Ruthie 4ever!

Hugs and Bright Blessings all around,
Giselle Renarde


  1. I do hope they come back as well. I had one flash published with them and two returned before publishing. I got my first taste of writing practice in The Fish Tank. I had no idea where it would bring me. I've learned so much. I feel I know Mat, Allie, Casie, Elazarus, and many of the other Ruthie's authors. Oh - the Tank is still functioning by the way. It just seems sad to see Ruthie's shut down for a while.


  2. Yes, as much as I loved seeing my stories up as features with their own illustrations, I also had a lot of fun writing flashes for Ruthie's. It's a great challenge, writing a story in under 300 words. Sort of like writing poetry. There are constraints, but paradoxically the limit is not limiting. It's actually freeing.