Thursday, August 13, 2009

Let's get MOIST!

How do you react when you hear the word moist?

If it's anything like this guy, you're in the majority.

You know how I'm a huge fan of CBC Radio Two? Well, I was listening to the supremely cool Rich Terfry's show Drive last week, and he was talking about commonly-despised words. Apparently linguists have concluded the following are some of the most hated words...especially by women:
goose pimples
Okay, panties I agree with. What a stupid word. But I'm kind of sad about moist. Why are women so opposed to moist? I spend most of my life moist! (Reading, writing, and watching porn has that impact) It's a useful word, along with juicy and wet. Seems to me the discomfort bred by this most-hated of all words stems from a sexual source. Are women uncomfortable with their own moisture? With the state of being moist? With the perception they might be moist at any given moment?

Am I saying moist too much?

Please, let me know why women hate this word. I don't understand the actual visceral reaction people have against it. Enlighten me!

My vote: moist, wet, juicy...all good words.

I've interviewed countless other erotic fiction authors on my blog, and I ask them all, "What's your favourite naughty word?" Seems to be a tie between "fuck" and "cock." I also ask, "Is there a word that makes you cringe?" A lot of authors say they can't stand the word "cunt." I guess it's a jarring word; I'm trying to reclaim "dyke." My girlfriend hates the word "queer" but, again, I see that as a reclaimed word.

So, what do we think? What words do we love? What words do we hate?

Do tell!

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