Tuesday, January 19, 2010

GIve Me Some Good News

I've been getting nothing but bad news all day. Two rejection letters in my inbox, and to top that off, Sweet canceled our Ottawa trip because of ongoing health concerns. Of course, I can't be upset with her for being ill...so now I'm just...upset...

But you can help me out by sharing your good news!

Authors: Any new releases you'd like to promo? New Contracts? Anything exciting to share?

Readers: Find a book you couldn't put down lately?

Anybody: Happy family news? Work news? Anything happy, I want to hear about it.

Comment at will!

Thank you, my lovelies,


  1. Okay, I'll start...although I feel like a total nutter commenting on my own blog. LOL

    Today I started a new novella and 2k in I'm feeling good about it. I love it when funny children show up in my books. Warms my heart!


  2. Hi Giselle. Not a lot going on for me with new stories, but I have other interests which are going gangbusters. I've just begun to set myself up to freelance as a cover artist, I've just put my new band video up on Youtube, and people left, write (hee hee) and centre are tossing me bones for reading, critiquing, blurbing and even advertising copy. Plus some of my existing covers are garnering rave reviews.
    Thanks for the chance to big myself up!

  3. Dear Giselle,

    I finally got a cracked tooth fixed, so now I can have a cold drink without feeling like I'm going to fall over!

    I've got two new releases in 10 days time. 'Erotic Brits' is my new anthology of naughty tales set around the U.K and Ireland published by eXcessica. I've also got a story in 'Best of Best Women's Erotica 2' which is just thrilling.

    I hope everyone gets over the January blues soon. The post-Christmas/New Year crash can be awful.