Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hallmark Censored My Damn e-Card!

Because if there's one thing a pornographer loves, it's censorship....

I'm a tad peeved over here. erased a message I wrote to my girlfriend the other day because of "Inappropriate Content"? Seriously! And you know why? Because I'd used the word "clit." They trashed my e-card and sent me that bullshit "Inappropriate Content" message. Thanks for the censorship, there, Hallmark. Seriously? I can't send my girlfriend a thank you card for some killer lip service without spelling the word c-l-i-t?

Guess it's back to They say yay for gay and don't censor my damn messages. Actually, it's a really cute site if you haven't stopped by. They have gay cards, lesbian cards, lots of great Pride cards, Love, Miss You, Get Well, Flirting, Birthday, Holidays...and the category I make most use of with Sweet: "I'm Sorry." Jesus, those things come in handy. LOL. Postcards and Video Cards. Something for everyone!

Actually, I've just come up with a slogan for them: "Where's a gay to go?!" Just remember, I said it first. *grin*

I also have a great affinity for Crikey, they have some funny greetings. And, trust me, the content of their cards is way more inappropriate than anything I could come up with. Sweet is particularly fond of the card with an elderly couple pictured and the message, "I'd wax my asshole for you." Or how about, "Things are starting to get serious between me and my hand-held showerhead"? Funny. And, the always useful, "Let's fuck in public tonight."

You have no idea how much of my life I've wasted on this site. LOL.

Cheers, my darling ones,

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  1. Lol! Thanks for the tip. I was looking for some decent ecards.