Saturday, July 3, 2010

Attention Authors: Call for Submissions! "Oil & Water"

Hellooooooooooooo Authors!

Another Call for submissions I saw and thought I'd pass along:


Oil and Water...and Other Things That Don't Mix Anthology

All proceeds from the anthology will go to a designated, registered
charity (or charities) dedicated to help areas directly affected by the

We are looking for pieces that run the gamut of styles and emotions.
This may be a disaster, but all is not lost. Pieces can be thought
provoking, but we also want pieces that can bring a smile and be uplifting.

Although this anthology is to benefit the Gulf Coast clean up,
submissions do not have to take place in the South—but it doesn’t hurt!

THEME: Conflict. Things/people that don't work well together. Resolution
is optional.

NEEDS: Short stories, essays

GENRE: Any (non-erotic) . Non-fiction, fiction, from humor to horror and
everything in between. We want the best example of what you can do
within the theme.

Authors with items accepted into the anthology will receive a contract.

For original works, we are asking for 6 months exclusive use from the
time of publication.

We can take reprints ONLY if the author provides written proof that they
have the right to submit the work into the anthology and will give
credit to the original publisher/publicati on.

WORD COUNT: up to 5,000.


PAYMENT: 1 contributor copy. Additional copies can be purchased at discount.

Please include with your submission your:

Legal Name
Pen name (if applicable)
Mailing address
email address
blog and/or website(s)

Include a short bio (50-100 words max.)

Include the following statement in your email submission:
“I declare that [TITLE] is my original work, and I have complete
ownership and authority to submit this work to LL-Publications.”

Please send your submission to: anthology(at) ll-publications. com

Zetta Brown
Editor-in-Chief, LL-Publications
http://www.ll- publications. com
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