Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Upping the Erotic Ante

When I first started reading erotic fiction all those years ago, I remember looking at the sexual interactions in some short stories and thinking, "Wowee! Them writers must be the most cre-ative people in the whole dag gum world!" (Apparently the voice in my head talks like Elly May Clampett)

I found it very easy to stumble upon very intriguing erotica. Fetishes. Weird stuff I'd never heard of or imagined. Encounters I wouldn't have thought constituted sex. It was all out there, and very easy to find. And I wondered, to some degree, what kind of deranged perverts wrote this stuff.

Well, my friends, I am one of them. Just call me a deranged pervert. Really. I won't take offense. I kind of like the title.

And now, on the other side of the rabbit hole, I know exactly why erotic fiction writers create such strange scenarios. The answer is simple: it's because we (short story writers in particular) are by necessity so prolific that after a year of writing, we've run out of "normal" ideas.

In an erotic short story, yes, characters are important, but they've got to have interesting sex. Emotional, sensual, erotic sex? Okay, yes, but...well, I'll use myself as an example. In the time I've been writing, I've had well over one hundred short stories published. I'm sure there are those who could write missionary position sex a hundred different ways and keep it interesting, but I don't have that kind of attention span.

I'm into the weird stuff now. Except, the thing is, when these ideas hit me they don't seem "weird." No, they seem "inspired."

So, what's on this list of sex acts I never would have imagined writing about five years ago? Well, I've recently written stories about:
  • a lesbian shoe fetishists getting fucked by the six-inch heel of a leather boot during a webcast for paying site members.
  • a harem of psychic lesbians you can rent by the half hour (pure fiction--we all know you can only rent them by the hour LOL)
  • Spankings (and scratchings) with a cat brush
  • a sex toy story in which a woman's lover straps her into a remote-controlled butterfly vibe and turns it on as she sits next to her husband on a plane
  • vampire lesbian knife play
  • a man with a God complex who keeps his "Eve" in a cage and fucks her through padded holes in the chicken wire
  • a denim fetish story in which a woman compels her husband to get her off on the seam of her tight jeans during a 1980's theme dance
  • a woman who's sexually attracted to apathy and dirty laundry
You know, now that it's down on paper, none of that seems particularly weird. Now, the stuff in my mind...whoa...that's another story. There's some extreme activity percolating.

But at least I've figured it out: we deranged perverts didn't start out this way. We (or at least I) started out writing sexy stories about co-workers acting on crushes, about curious apartment-dwellers getting it on with the bisexual superintendent. Hell, my very first e-book (The Birthday Gift) was about a simple small-town mom who...well, she stumbles upon a garden sex party hosted by her husband's foreman and sticks around to fuck a bunch of strangers on the deck...

Hmm...maybe I did start out a deranged pervert. Maybe that's what it takes to generate story after story in this genre. Maybe I just didn't notice until now.

*shrugs* I'm cool with that.

Giselle Renarde
Canada just got hotter!


  1. The biggest compliment that I can give about anything I read is that it makes you think. It doesn't have to be about new and world-changing topics (though that's good, too!) Erotica can make you horny, and just think about how you could improve your sex life! (or, you know, just think about getting it on with those lesbian psychics) I'm glad that erotic short story writers have to quickly step out of our comfort zones, because otherwise I wouldn't like reading it, or writing it nearly as much.
    Bring on the weird!

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