Friday, November 15, 2013

If you wrote #trans fiction in 2013, READ THIS POST!

The Red Satin Collection isn't eligible
I make terrible choices.

My most recent terrible choice?  On a whim, I decided to self-(re)publish my Rainbow Award-winning trans lesbian holiday romance, The Red Satin Collection.  We're talking just last week.  The print version hasn't even popped up on Amazon yet.

And then today I see this incredible opportunity for authors of transgender fiction:

I'll quote a little from the post:

In the final weeks of the submission period for the Lambda Literary Awards, it looks like again this year, there will be just one transgender category (“Transgender Literature”) instead of 2 (fiction and non-fiction). This is because if one of the 2 categories receives fewer than 10 entries, the Lambda folks will collapse them into a single category and a single prize.
If you’re an author who has published a book in 2013 that might fit into the transgender fiction category, you have until December 1 to submit! In the past, entries in this field have been novels, books of short stories, poetry, graphic novels/comic books, young adult books and children’s books—it’s a very flexible category, and it is up to the submitter to “opt-in” to it.

You can (and should) read more by following link up there, but here's what I'm talking about when I say I make terrible decisions:

In order to qualify for the Lambda Literary Awards, your book can't be self-published.  You also have to submit 5 copies of your book in print as well as a $40 submission fee, none of which I can afford anyway, but I'm just kicking my ass right now because The Red Satin Collection is damn good.  It's an award-winning book and was previously published by loveyoudivine, but ever since they went out of business I've just been sitting on it.  Since it's a Christmas romance and it's currently November, I thought, "Hey, why don't I get it back on the market myself... right now?"

So that's what I did.

Great idea, Giselle.  You're full of those. (full of somethin'...)

Maybe you're wiser than I am.  Maybe you published your trans book through an actual publisher and you qualify for entry into the 2013 Lambda Literary Awards.  If you're smarter than I am, I advise that you act fast:

I wish I were smart. Like you.


...and if you want to check out my ineligible book, it's currently available at Amazon as an ebook, it'll be available in print in time for the holidays, so do check it out and enjoy and tell your friends and all that. Trans lesbian romances don't exactly sell themselves. (I should know--I've written about a million)

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  1. That's such a shame, hon - I would dearly love to see you take home a Lammy. Thanks for the cover quote, by the way . . . that just tickles me in all the right places!

    Is this all 3 Red Satin stories, or just the Red Satin Christmas? I'd be more than happy to add a review and give it a fresh bit of promotion over on BTB.