Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Earth Blood Is Easy: An Out-of-this-World Vampire Romance
Remember a while back when I asked your advice about what to do with my vampire-alien romantic comedy?

Remember how I told you it was a funny little book, previously published in a box set that's now off the market?

And remember how I said that, while I love this adorable novel, it's nothing like the rest of my work? It's a light and breezy romance about an alien who happens to be a vampire. There's no erotic content, so it's cool for young adult readers (and old adult readers, and pretty much anyone, really).

My main concern was that I didn't want younger readers to pick up Earth Blood is Easy and then go looking for similar works by this Giselle Renarde person. I haven't written anything similar. It's truly one-of-a-kind.

That's why you advised me to publish Earth Blood is Easy under a pen name. Remember that? Well, I took your advice. The cutest book I've ever written is now available (at the introductory price of $0.99!) as Earth Blood is Easy by Emily June.

Where did that name come from? Well, I asked my girlfriend, "What would be a good name to use?" and right away she said, "Emily." And I was all OoOoOo because that was exactly the name that popped into my head, too. Spooky, right?  As for June, that's a family name. It's also a pretty great month.

I decided to go all Kindle Unlimited on this book's ass, so for its first 90 days on the market Earth Blood is Easy will be exclusively available from Amazon. If you're a KU subscriber, read it free. I'll let you know when it's up at other retailers. I'll also let you know when the print version comes out. That'll be soon.

The moral of the story is: buy the ebook right now because it's $0.99. The End.

Alexxia’s stranded on Planet Earth without a blood source! When she meets a mysterious club owner, will she become too entranced by Earth’s underground vampire culture to leave?

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