Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Nom Nom Nom(inate me)

Hi Everybody!

Remember Runts?
I haven't done this in YEARS, but I'm going to swallow my pride (which shouldn't be too difficult--it's about the size of banana Runts) and ask if you wouldn't mind nominating me for something.

Every year a free Toronto paper called NOW does this best-of-the-city thing, and they actually have a category for Best Author. I'm a Toronto author, but I'm not sure other Torontonians are aware that I'm ONE OF THEM (or maybe they do and they're just not proud of it--who knows?)

Anyway, the main reason I'm asking is that it is SO RIDICULOUSLY EASY to nominate me. You don't have to submit any personal information. Not your name. Not your email address. Nothing.

All you have to do to suggest a nominee is click here:
...then type Giselle Renarde where it says NAME

You don't have to fill in the address or phone # sections (that's more for nominating businesses like restaurants or shops) and you don't have to enter ANY person information--not even your email address.

Please nominate me!
Big Hugs,