Thursday, February 19, 2009

What Can You Tell Me Six Words?

I’m a little bit fascinated by this concept of the six-word story. Have you encountered this phenomenon? I first heard about the project over at while listening to CBC radio (is there anything they don’t know?) and it really stuck in my mind.

I appreciate the challenge of writing flash fiction. I appreciate the challenge of writing poetry. But to tell a story in six words…?

And then I read the story that started it all. Hemingway wrote what he felt was his greatest story in only six words:
For sale: baby shoes, never worn.
-Ernest Hemingway
Absolutely stunning, isn’t it? We may not be Hemingway, but let’s give it a try. Tell me a story of love or of heartbreak in precisely six words.

I’ll go first with the story of my first love:
I loved him. He was married.
~Giselle Renarde
And the story of my current love:
She will look stunning in white.
~Giselle Renarde
And a third just for fun:
Give me your heart or else.
~Giselle Renarde

What can you tell me in six words?

*As an added bonus, the first six readers to send me a Six Word Story will receive an e-copy of my delicious menage story, Cunning Little Vixens. Everyone who sends one in will also be entered to win an e-copy of a truly incredible anthology called Coming Together: With Pride. The clock's ticking, so get those stories in!*



  1. He came. He came. He left.
    ~Sommer Marsden~

    ;) fun. maddening, but fun.

  2. Their gazes met. Lust or love?

    Carpe Noctem,

    Desirée Lee
    Putting the Romance Back in Necromancy

  3. Life, love, hilarity. Time to rest!

  4. I really got naked for this?

    Ahhh...How I've thought that many times...

    Here's to good sex everytime for everyone.

    Laura B

  5. Harnessed, knelt, waiting.


    "Yes, Ma'am."

  6. She rubbed. He watched. Both smiled.

    Marina St. Clare

  7. Gave In Married Man Mother Picked

    Shell the Hockeyvampiress