Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mapping…or Lapping…or Slapping?

I’m sick.

Not seriously sick, just stricken with your basic garden variety spending-too-much-time-around-germy-children winter chest infection. I’ll be fine in a week or so, but right now I feel like utter crap.

As a result of having next to no energy, I’ve developed a new hobby that I tried to name in the post heading. My hobby is a simple combination of napping and listening to music. Music napping…mapping? Listening while napping…lapping? Silently listening and napping…slapping?

Whatever we choose to call it, it’s a great combination. I’m a music lover (and some might say a bit of a musician myself) and I always have music on in the background, no matter what I’m doing. There’s a huge difference, though, between setting music as the soundtrack to daily life and actually bringing life to a temporary hiatus to allow that music to completely wash over you. My new hobby (mapping…or lapping…or slapping?) is such a calming activity, I might just try to bring it into day-to-day life even when I feel better.

Who has time for mapping or lapping or slapping, you might ask? Certainly not me. That’s what I’ve always thought. I am constantly working, whether it be inside or outside the home. If I’m not working, that’s because I am asleep. But what I’m beginning to realize is that the day contains enough hours to accomplish everything in the high-priority range. If you categorize time for self, for relaxation, for reflection, as truly important, you’ll find the time for activities that unite you with self and bring you to a balance.

Priorities are hard. Napping to music is easy. Tonight, have a slap on me.

Oh, one last thing: I’m famous!

Remember the Valentine I made for Sweet? Well, “The Signal,” the radio show I listen to at night on CBC Radio Two, put out a call to artists asking us to send in work we’ve created while listening to the show. Well, my adorable animation is now featured on The Signal’s blog for all to admire!

Now that CBC Radio Two is "cool" people don't laugh at me so much for listening to it...


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