Friday, June 4, 2010

Speak My Language

I'm glowing.

Okay, so, one thing led to another, and I spent the last hour in front of YouPorn with a vibe in one hand and a mouse in the other. (Computer mouse, people! I'm not doing anything that kinky. No hamster-dance in my bedroom.)

I'm really into solo girls these days (love the female bodies of all shapes and sizes and the 100% Grade-A orgasms) but it was only this evening that I stumbled upon a "dirty talk" video. Oh. My. God. Yes! It was like a solo girl video in that it was just one lovely young woman going at her own body, except that she was talking dirty the whole me...

...except...not to me. Because, wish as I may wish as I might, I just don't have a penis. (btw, I'm a little genderqueer over here) And this gorgeous girl kept telling me to stoke my dick harder and put it on her tits and GOD I wish I could have, but, like I said...I don't have a penis.

Here's my question/request: Does anybody make these "dirty talk" videos for lesbians? If not, could somebody start?

I want to watch a gorgeous girl playing with her tits without having to hear any penis talk. I don't need to be reminded of what I don't have. I want her to look me in the eye (well, yeah, through the computer screen) and hear her say, "Stoke your pussy, baby. Put it on my face. Let me eat you. I want to suck your clit. I want to play with your tits. God, yeah, your skin is so soft! Are you going to come? Again?"


I'm half tempted to do it myself, know...bashful...

And I know how shameful this sounds, coming from an author, but the printed word isn't enough for me. I have a stereotypical "guy" mind in many respect. I need the visuals. Hell, I watched a "dirty talking" German girl today because she had nice breasts and she could do marvelous things with anal beads. I don't speak a word of German! The physical trumps the aural, I suppose, but god I wish I had a dirty-talking lesbian to get me off!

Oh...wait...I just remembered I have a girlfriend at my disposal. Sweet's pretty damn good with words. Maybe she can be my dirty talking woman.



Giselle Renarde
Canada just got hotter!

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